Current pandemic events analyzed by CIA Operative

Recent debate swirling over the pandemic has many confused. New discoveries, scientists at odds, Governors abusing power, economic distress and the escalating use of COVID as a political weapon – what is going on here? Brad Johnson, retired Senior CIA Operative and President for Intelligence Reform, applies his experience in an analysis of current events.

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3 thoughts on “Current pandemic events analyzed by CIA Operative

  1. A couple of points –

    1) An epidemiologist with a non-profit in the healthcare industry told me today that when a person dies and COVID is listed as a 2nd or 3rd line cause of death, it is considered a COVID death. We are comparing apples and oranges when it comes to COVID deaths. It will take a while for standardized reporting and for data to be corrected, especially given the political atmosphere in which we are living in today.

    2) You are correct about long-term care facilities… 80% of US COVID mortality cases occur in the population that is over 65. Two million in the US are living in these facilities. 43% of the US COVID deaths are in long-term care facilities. Eliminate the long-term care deaths, and then examine the data… it indicates this is a bad virus year, but it is not as bad as the politicians would like us to believe.

    3) If you close churches where people can turn for community and support, what is left? Big Government! We need to look at the long-term strategy of the left.

  2. When the present the green monkey that caused hiv – the insight to Covid19 will appear bright as a star – gain of function experiments are crimes against mankind plane and simple – science should be risky with respect to others .

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