CHAZ/CHOP, fights, power struggles and supportive Dems delaying indictments

Reports leaking out from CHOP indicate power struggles whether ANFTFA or BLM is in charge. Once again, you do not see this on main stream media and anyone attempting to film it is prevented. It’s told new people coming in must pay money (as well as residents and businesses.) Brad Johnson, CIA Chief of Station (ret.) and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, points out neither the mayor nor governor take action to end this and have irresponsibly deserted the residents. In the “utopia,” you see behavior common to communist countries: dictatorship, free speech shut down, armed revolutionists, and the taking of an area by force. This “movement” clearly wants revolution. Who is paying them? Why do they get so much support from Democrats and media? Why are we being lied to? Is it to shut down the coming Barr indictments? Trump?

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