Does your belief in God mean you are socially dominant/mentally ill?

Students in a Communist China re-education camp.

Norway uses a new “scientific” test to determine your propensity for the unwanted mental illness of “social dominance.” A key indicator to this so-called science is belief in God – considered to be an undesirable trait leading to you oppressing others. Brad Johnson explores the frightening road leading to your censorship and possibly re-education for the sake of society. Science?

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3 thoughts on “Does your belief in God mean you are socially dominant/mentally ill?

  1. As has been suggested by many astute authors, “collectivism” is the new “religion” (as practiced in Communist China). What you are seeing is just another sideways approach to the ultimate goal of a transhumanist slave race who are rewarded for being “selfless” by the selfish elites who own them (and everything else).
    The patent (Google / Microsoft) for crypto asset rewards via 5G for “correct behavior” has already been awarded: WO 2020 060606 . Your nanoparticle injection includes your very own bio-wallet. Welcome to the dark age of 15 million merits.

  2. I’ve found out that the “conspiracy“ label is already thrown around when someone does nothing more than ask the wrong questions. Doubting the narrative is indicative of a person’s wrong-think and must be ostracized immediately and her state of mind (publicly) questioned. Intimidate, destabilize, clear, empty and reset her thinking! Don’t allow wrong-think…

  3. “Right-wing authoritarianism” and Nazism as “extreme-right authoritarianism.” – I think the thing is that Germany was not successfully de-nazified after WWII which happens when a society has been steeped in an ideology for a long time. When the children of those parents rebelled against this in ’68 ff. (though I guess that more can be said to that, too), their rebellion was primarily directed against their own mostly conservative-authoritarian upbringing. Conservative/traditional parents (in continental Europe and at that time) wanted their children to be obedient, respectful, well-behaved, diligent etc. The authoritarian = conservative education (often including corporal punishment) was therefore taken as a sign of remnants of the Nazi ideology. I was born later, so never made that equation despite having been raised in a conservative home.

    Much later, I became aware that the very dominant ’68 generation had rejected their parents’ values but could never free themselves from the authoritarianism they had so fervently criticized. Whatever the conviction of the day may be, e.g. for or against the mask mandate and especially in Germany, the debate is always intense. What is right for me must be imposed on everyone else, or else… – ! – Europeans cannot see it; for freedom-loving Americans, the left-wing ideology is quite obviously prevalent here.

    It is only a very small albeit growing minority that looks across the pond in admiration of Trump and his supporters. Basically, anybody who considers the possibility that Trump and his supporters might *not* be a “cult of right-wing extremists,” is considered crazy/dangerous and excluded from polite society.

    Democrats receive a lot of pushback in the US because Trump-voters are aware that they outnumber the Dems in the country. In Europe, the push-back may be growing but the large majority is still accepting of all “necessary” restrictions, mask mandates, social distancing, lockdowns, and of whatever “climate change” may exact from us. Few connect the dots; we embrace environmentally sound globalization, equity and all the rest. Evil is nothing but the witch in the fever dream of a right-winger, pure fantasy.

    I could rattle young people who do not defend and fight for their freedoms, who are fully accepting of the conditions of their epoch and try to succeed first and foremost. Success within a system and resistance against it mutually exclusive. Globalists define “success” everywhere, and Trump no longer resides in the White House. No matter how fake Biden’s presidency may appear to those who pay attention, his decisions have real consequences and hopes for a true happy ending have been postponed (hopefully not canceled).

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