Hydroxychloroquine proven effective despite crazed outcry against

Why such a fuss over a drug used safely for over 50 years? Hydroxychloroquine, or HDQ, has proven to be an effective treatment for COVID-19 yet many states prohibited its use under threat of criminal prosecution against MDs prescribing it. Why, asks Brad Johnson, why bar a drug so many, including himself, have taken it for malaria with no ill effects. The President of Americans for Intelligence Reform thinks he knows the answer – because Trump touted it months ago and the knee-jerk reaction of the Democrats to anything Trump claims is to condemn and sanction. Here, people stricken with COVID-19 may have died because of the democrats go to any lengths to discredit a sitting, duly elected President. Studies were suppressed, docs and pharmacists threatened, positive studies ignored by mainstream media. Trump’s own son lost his Twitter account just for pointing out one such study. At what point do we sanction the behavior of those who ignore truth with impunity for the sake of political power?


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