India gets help for Chinese aggression from Russia

A Parada of India's tanks needed to fight off China's border aggression.

While not heard much in the news, India continues its struggle in border skirmishes with China. Russia offered a new class of small arms and India is loading up.


2 thoughts on “India gets help for Chinese aggression from Russia

  1. Good information, Brad.
    You touched on the naval situation. If you encounter some intelligence about the naval posturing in that region, it would make for some interesting analysis. China’s buildup has got to be making a lot of its neighbors worried…
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Chicoms and the Russkies aren’t on the best terms like the mainstream claims. But that’s the least of the chicom concerns. They might be having some food strikes, the occasional coverup—some rebels bordering the stan countries. Would need some ice cream soon, big mistake chicoms naming their internal system Skynet. Yet, unnamed writers at the alphabet soup DHS agency seems to label anyone questioning the mainstream narrative as ‘domestic terrorists,’ guess they get their ‘intel’ sources from the SPLC/ADL. No better than the State Department’s claims about ‘false flags’ by Russia with 0 evidence.

    It’s quite sad that an AP reporter has better critical thinking than many at most alphabet soup agencies today. Might as well make Avril Haines the next ‘Madam President’ so she can make those big bucks at XYZ corporation. Don’t complain when the guy that’s getting tortured in the back and murdered is the wrong person giving wrong info.

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