Jan 6 Q Shaman insane? Yes, says Judge

You’ll remember Jake Angeli for his Viking hat and painted face as he wandered the halls of Congress on January 6. As he faces trial, the appointed judge claims Jake needs psychiatric care. Brad Johnson explains why she thinks so and why. Activism and cannibalism?




2 thoughts on “Jan 6 Q Shaman insane? Yes, says Judge

  1. I think Angeli is right but the election fraud and luciferianism is both right and left…just more so on the demoncrat side. Im not crazy either. The cannibalism is part of the brotherhood’s satanic ritual sacrifice. God help us because it is a battle of good and evil and the evil are in charge. Check out Jesse Czbotar and Illuminate the Darkness. Trump did more to stop child trafficking than anyone. It’s a for all at the southern border now. Kids are flowing in again. They are being tortured on the way and Bidenenco is facilitating it.

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