Marie Zack, Founder Nations in Action on Italy & US Election Fraud

Former Italian Prime Minister Renzi

Allegations here very harsh and do not represent the views of Americans for Intelligence Reform.

28 thoughts on “Marie Zack, Founder Nations in Action on Italy & US Election Fraud

  1. This is out on every independent media outlet and of course, with each of them adding their own information from their SOURCES. I’ve tried researching Italy and names that Maria Zach has mentioned and I get NOTHING. I have prayed that this were true, but I’m so worn out from 6 weeks of “we’ve got our evidence we need” or “Trump will definitely be back for 4 more years” or we hear that many top DemocRATS will be arrested”. Then we get Trump saying there will be a smooth transition. It’s also all over the net, that Trump has invoked the Insurrection Act and again, I can’t prove it anywhere. I know Trump didn’t concede, but no one is saying anything. It also looks suspicious with Pelosi trying to impeach trump with a week left in office. Is that just Nancy being the insane witch that she is or is it to get him out before things happen. Is there anything that anyone has that can make me a little more optimistic, because honestly, I’m just at a point where I’m accepting the fact that Harris will run and destroy this country. I’ve been so scared from all of this, because I’m in the oilfield industry and I’m afraid of losing a career I’ve built and have used to take care of my family. Very scared!!

    1. I hear ya. Similar boat. The country will never recover – at least in my childrens lifetimes. People in this country have no clue what’s in store for us. It leaves me so sad that they just think everything will go on as it was before. But it won’t. The dems told us it won’t. Oh well. Perhaps time to move to South America.

    2. I’ve had no problem finding any of the proof or info on the Italy election fraud I also have family that lives there and confirms it, its been all over their media over there ive seen the signed affidavit that congress got on the 6th and ignored and the video of one of the Supreme Court guys over there confessing to Italy interfering amd confirming that the affidavit and proof is real and that this really happened here is the video of the guy from Italy it originally wasn’t on YouTube when I first saw it but this is where I just found it now bc last place I saw it was parler someone had the link to it.

      May i also suggest not using Google to search for anything that deal with election fraud they have blocked it all they have blocked anything being found that goes against the lefts narrative and agenda. I use duckduckgo

      And here is video of general McInerney also confirming the Italy election fraud and that the affidavit is real.

      Hope this helps there is so much truth out there if you’d like more links id be more then happy to send.

      1. Yes.. Google is hiding ANY AND ALL things not just about election but lots of things they don’t want people to see.. Use DUCK DUCK GO …… sometimes on the duck you might have to keep scrolling down to find but they have info to be found.. Also go on Telegram and join republicans to follow.. you will get hella news there.

      1. God was obviously happy for Trump to lose. I mean, he’s omnipotent & omnipresent – if He wanted Trump to win, surely God himself could have arranged it to happen!?

    3. But then again can you find any real info step by step with names on how the 2020 election was stolen? Because it definitely was.

  2. As Thom has mentioned in his post above, it is apparent many things are always “in the works’ but never seem to come to fruition. I listened to the recording of Marie Zack’s call twice. I went to their website which is minimal and checked their FB page. Nothing is there. In the recording she states they are waiting for Italy to release the news first and that is understandable but if the delay goes on too long I’m afraid Marie & Steve meet with a Seth Rich ending.

  3. I have hoped and prayed with all my heart that this was true, that this was the miracle that us true Americans were waiting for. It has been a tumultuous year, not knowing what our future holds. This new administration is deadly to us and the future of our children. Someone, somewhere must know the truth we need to end this madness. We the people, we the united states of America deserve better and deserve the truth

  4. The report is not accurate and there are no media in Italy that is reporting it . The operatives that suggest so are pysop people to stir civil unrest – along with those whom have history of legitimacy to try to reinforce the belief. This is a ( pysop ) and therefore ( treason for those involved in spreading false facts ) beware of false facts .

  5. God put it on my heart not to worry yesterday as if this is his plan to expose everyone. Since then, I can find comfort and have peace knowing that.

  6. Thom, I can empathize with you because I have been chasing the same leads and winding up with the same frustrations. Lots of promises of something big about to break and people to be exposed and smoking guns and then nothing. But I still believe there is hope. If you’re interested, I’ll give you my reasons. But this isn’t the right forum, so message me and maybe I can lift your spirits a bit: [].


    1. The mechanics of the process explained on the ( satellite to the usa, then to germany is one not possible and two it would have just happened from Germany ) if it did – naming people whom may or may not have worked at the state department isn’t evidence – the packets that are important are and need to be traceable to actual voting machines- more likely a ( cloud ) in the USA was created then dumped to Germany of it happened- one
      Could hope their are some people who will come forward if true but I don’t think there is any witness – the story is not valid

  7. 1997 Congressional Record – Senate – Stefano Serafini Confirmed to Department of State

    Stefano Serafini LinkedIn –

    Stefano Serafini graduation 2017 –

    Stefano Serafini Facebook –

  8. The concept being used here is to take a ( plan with tid bits of evidence and push it out and eventually its looked into ) then its proven to be a “ fringe” idea meanwhile credible paths will no longer be investigated. This is a diversion just for that reason .

  9. Doug Billings THE RIGHT SIDE……Interview with General McEnaney and Maria……confirming it all !

    Make it VIRAL!

  10. Trump lies. A lot. Over & over & over. About absolutely everything, from his height, weight & wealth, to having an infrastructure plan that didn’t exist. He lies about wind power giving people cancer, he lies about Covid cases “dropping to zero in a few days”, he lies about lying.

    With that in mind, why would anybody believe anything Trump said about electoral fraud?! Especially as there is no evidence. None.

    Why do you believe everything Trump says? I’m intrigued to find out.

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