McFiles interview: Election, Rome, Leonardo Co. – how they tie together

More on potential election fraud and a possible Italian connection (prior material linked below): 2020 ends on a sour note with enough problems leaking into 2021 to follow. Christopher McNeil, host of the popular McFiles, talks with Brad Johnson about where we stand on the Hill approaching January 20 Inauguration Day.



US Presidential Election: All Roads Lead to Rome?


Rome, Satellites, Servers: an Update on the Election Steal


10 thoughts on “McFiles interview: Election, Rome, Leonardo Co. – how they tie together

  1. I am glad I found this,it’s by accident. I have been wondering what the hell is Powell, The Trump legal team doing. I could have brought enough evidence to a court by now.I am agreeing with you that if we don’t solve this now we are never going to get our country back. GOD HELP THEM TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!!!!

    1. I agree, it feels like they all have just been setting up the AMERICAN PEOPLE all along, like a collective tribe of pathological, diabolical, anti Christ covert and overt narcissists………..Perhaps God is telling the people it is about time to stand against this treasonous system..wasn’t the set up to prepare us for desensitization of the school shootings and other events, the riots, etc forgotten, is this an Ahab moment of the lying spirit on all of CONGRESS ? Why only REPUBLICANS WITH COVID, AND DYING ? Did no one see Pelosi, leaving her seat before the violence in the hallway ? How does a 4 tour Air Force specialist end up in the hall and shot, was she hoping to get in and share some Italian/Leonardo/vote fraud evidence and Pelosi wanted her gone ? Her son in law was photo’d in LA with this Antifa man in horns…….since when do Trumper/conservative Christians dress like this…Chuck also left are they being investigated ? The balance of wheats and tares, those with ears to hear and eyes to see is equal to Noah and the flood……..The small in numbers are the truth-seekers, so where is Powell, Rudy, Trump, what the H is up with Pence and that dirty blonde from Georgia turn coat ? WHO PRESENTS THE TRUTH AND TO WHOM NOW ? WE HAVE NO COURTS, NO REDRESS OF GRIEVANCE SO WHERE DO WE GO NOW ?

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