McFiles Network broadcast: Christopher McDonald with Brad Johnson

Overlooked in mainstream media, this interview’s focus on the Chinese Communist government’s extensive (and too often successful) espionage efforts in the U.S. yields powerful and vital information you need. We know our subscribers and viewers are sophisticated, truth-seeking, critical thinkers – you follow these events and take time to watch Brad Johnson and others delving deeper into such topics and we appreciate each of you. With Brad, you get to see it through the eyes his 25 year tenure as a CIA operative, officer and patriot. You know how important these matters are to our shared public interests of safety and security. We count on you to watch straight through AIR interviews, share widely and get AIR’s vital message brought to a broader audience, including mainstream media. Brad Johnson’s organization, American for Intelligence Reform, exists to reform a corrupt Intelligence Community’s leadership and bring them accountable for unethical and criminal behavior and replace them with public servants of integrity whom we deserve. Thank you for your support and please visit for our quality content made available to all.

Click here for entire transcript

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