Montana to declare Antifa terrorist and leftists push back

Montana legislation has put forth a bill to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization. Hear what leftists want in return. Hmmm.

2 thoughts on “Montana to declare Antifa terrorist and leftists push back

  1. Regarding , how Antifa is not being pursued by the FBI, no outcry from the politicians, and no fficial anything from anyone, proves that they are all ‘whores’! Now, knowing this, the only thing that hasn’t been determined, was, ‘how much’? With ‘globalist’ money, the sky’s the limit, yet, these people are more of the norm as opposed to the few. Their, if at all, belief in GOD, has switched to ideology and cash. When and if these ‘critters’ are ever caught, their punishment cannot be severe enough. Doing what Antifa does is ‘criminal ‘ but, what those who are not doing their jobs is worse. As traitors, they should be hung!

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