New U.S. Pacific Fleet Navy Admiral Sounds Alarm on China

Admiral John Aquillino, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Up for confirmation this week, John Aquillino is set to become the new Admiral for INDOPACOM. At the Senate hearing, he made it clear China is accelerating its plan to take over free Taiwan. Will President Biden make the right decision to allow us to put a stop to the Communist Chinese Party’s aggression against the free world? Brad Johnson, retired CIA Operative and Chief of Station explains and weighs in.

1 thought on “New U.S. Pacific Fleet Navy Admiral Sounds Alarm on China

  1. Considering the shenanigans and mishaps involving our Pacific Fleet over the last decade or so, I have little confidence in the leadership. Everything from the Fat Leonard scandal, an only partially told story in my estimation, to the ship collisions, to the inundation of cartel narcotics into nations like the Philippines and Australia leave one wondering if there was any leadership at all. Sometimes much-heralded but seemingly insignificant policy changes, see “Pivot to Asia,” hide a more sinister self-serving agenda. With the benefit of hindsight, examining the practical outcomes of such policies, for example, the opening of certain military installations, and ignoring the original shallow surface explanation, paints a clearer picture of the policy’s true intent.

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