President Trump’s comments on James Clapper and indictment suspense.

Brad Johnson, retired Senior CIA Officer/Station Chief provides his detailed analysis of President Trump’s interview today – in particular what he said about James Clapper being the “weak link.” Clapper won’t hold up to the pressure, says Trump. Brad, President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, has predicted that and much of his analysis has filtered up into the WH Administration. Conservative press has picked up on the forthcoming and explosive nature of prosecution. But when will the indictments come down over the attempt by the Democrats, DOJ and the intelligence community to unseat Trump? As AG Barr and others dig deeper into the web of events leading up to the Flynn case and FISA hearings, more indictable crimes are revealed. Barr knows he must have everything presented perfectly if justice is served. (In the summer of 2017, Mr. Johnson founded the non-profit organization Americans for Intelligence Reform to create awareness for political corruption and diminished capabilities within the intelligence community and to raise support for CIA families who have lost a family member in the performance of their duties. He regularly appears on television, radio and in print. Please support the mission of AIR and visit You will find a wealth of Brad’s excellent and fascinating analysis on this and other major events.)

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