Putin will not back down until he takes over Crimea and its warm water port. Learn more about his “Peace Proposal” involving Ukraine.

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Brad Johnson has a series of four brief videos on the situation in Ukraine. He’s nailed it.

Russia’s position is not posturing: it’s not Putin this-or-that; it’s Russian-Russians. They absolutely, positively believe that having NATO on their borders is an existential threat.

Look at the map. Look at the history of invasions of their territory over the last centuries.

If NATO or the MIC goes sneaky – like playing around in Transnistria, messing with headchoppers hither and yon – Ukraine will be zapped up to the Dnieper River. Non-negotiable. That’s majority Russian-speaking and that’s it. From Kiev on west, let it marinate in Cold War resentment.

If we get cute, if something happens that costs lots of Russian lives, we’re looking at all out war on mainland Europe. I hope there are enough grownups on our side to make this clear.

Brad doesn’t mention this, but it’s worth keeping in mind. The foreign ministers representing Russia sent to jaw-jaw in nice European hotels aren’t in the operational loop. It’s all fluff.

1 thought on “Putin’s assault on Ukraine, Part III

  1. To be fair, the Zionists have been trying to start a world war with the Russkies for a while. The global bankers have to make its money somehow. Any spook that isn’t a lying POS would know this.

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