Russian tank goes belly up

While humorous to see an upside down tank on a highway, there’s a serious side. Russian and Japan’s squabble over who owns the Kuril Islands in the S China Sea is getting ugly. Brad Johnson explains why.

Founder of Americans for Intelligence Reform, a non-profit organization, Brad retired after 25 years as a Senior Operative with the CIA. His multiple stations included areas fighting terrorism, and those succumbing to lawlessness, human rights violations, and communism. At AIR we publish what you need to hear that our media censors. Support independent news outlets by sharing and following.

1 thought on “Russian tank goes belly up

  1. The Soviet Union was supposed to give the islands over after the initial agreement with giving the independence back to the Eastern Europe states. Obama was on video saying he’ll have more options after his election that will be transmitted to Vladimir, so fast forward to Hunter’s Ukraine problem and Germany’s love affair with the Soviets that send the pipes to fuel its future war machine. Putin himself knew key members of the German parliament personally while he was a KGB agent stationed during the Berlin wall incident and stated publicly he was burning documents before the rioters showed up near his complex. Yet for some reason we continue to purchase windmills from Germany and give free protection while their NATO support is marginal at best.

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