Terrorist Plant Running for Democrat Seat in GA District 97 after Redistricting

Terrorist Plant Infiltrating USA Politics

Ruwa Romman

Georgia House District 97 Candidate – November 2022

After redistricting in GA, district 97 is left with an almost entirely new district. What was once a balance of Republican, Unaffiliated and Democrat voters, is now over 60% Democrat allowing the Democrat primary winner to have the upper hand in winning the general election for House in GA district 97 this November 2022.

On the home page of Ruwa Romman’s website, her primary focus is: “If elected, I would be the first Muslim woman ever elected to the Georgia State House.”

She also claims: “I am the Democratic nominee running to represent Georgia State House District 97, and address the most pressing issues for the residents of Berkeley Lake, Duluth, Norcross, and Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County.”

But what does Ruwa really bring for the residents of Berkeley Lake, Duluth, Norcross, and Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County?

Nothing but scary…

Ruwa’s statements on important political issues have shown just how radical her policies are and who she cares for the most which is not the hard working, law abiding, tax paying American citizen.

  • Ruwa focuses heavily on going soft on “nonviolent” criminals which includes home break-ins, auto break-ins, robbery, carjacking and putting criminals before American law abiding citizens.
  • She pushes on forcing businesses to raise the minimum wage to what she considers to be a “living wage,” forcing employers to raise all employee salaries. Those increases will be passed down to all of us because employers will have to raise their prices, causing a massive increase to the cost of living for everyone including the employees.
  • She’s 100% for legalizing recreational marijuana (which is nowadays much stronger than it used to be, often laced with other dangerous hallucinogens and sometimes even deadly fentanyl) enabling district residents to be high during work, while driving, operating equipment and large machinery.
  • She wants taxpayer funded Medicaid for all.

Ruwa’s agenda is to take as much money from the taxpayers as possible and give it to those who break the law or don’t work or contribute to society. Despite claiming to want to “bridge the gap” on her website. Way to kill The American Dream and to destroy the morale of productive citizens.

Ruwa is for policies that increase inflation and drive the economy of our country further towards a third world country where the middle class no longer exists with high gas prices and higher cost of living. Ruwa’s radical terrorist agenda is to insidiously undermine the United States through manipulating policies under the guise of a “public servant.”

Employed by CAIR-GA

Concern is growing over Ms. Romman’s connections with CAIR-GA. Though CAIR GA is not a terrorist group, the UAE has designated CAIR as a Terrorist Organization. Ilhan Omar, AOC & Rashida Tlaib all have connections to CAIR and to CAIR-GA. These women support Anti-American policies such as “Defunding the Police,” releasing criminals with a pat on the back, open borders, and higher taxes.

Omar said “Taxes should be at 70%.” They want to take your money & decide how it should be spent, killing capitalism and The American Dream.

United Arab Emirates, designated CAIR a “Terrorist Organization.” American citizens would like to know why Ms. Romman was employed by CAIR GA and how much influence does this organization have over her beliefs and policies.


At a recent debate, Ruwa stated that the school boards were being attacked at the school board meetings & she was against that. In reality, 3 of the mothers who were in the audience tried to speak with Ruwa on what they considered important issues, but when they tried to talk to Ruwa afterwards, Ruwa pushed her hands out and told one young woman “stay away, you are dangerous.”

Ruwa does not want to listen to parents or their concerns regarding school issues but instead, gaslights parents by accusing them of being “dangerous” for asking the school board questions. Ruwa also refused to talk to the mothers who tried to understand why she was accusing them of being dangerous for wanting to get their questions answered.

Unfortunately, for the Democrats in District 97, the choice is “radical terrorist” or Republican. Ruwa’s Republican opponent, John Chan, was born in the United States after his parents fled Communist China in 1949.

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