Testimony of female athletes abused by trainer

Gold Medalist Simone Biles testifying against trainer Larry Nassar.


2 thoughts on “Testimony of female athletes abused by trainer

  1. The word survivors was a deliberate choice, it implies surviving a fire, earthquake or flood with no real criminal to be punished, the word victim implies a nasty piece of S— criminal that must be punished.

  2. Speaking of botched up operations, let’s discuss botched up investigations. The Nassar case with the gym athletes has been an ongoing issue for years yet what we get is a bunch of fed glowies showing up at a ‘Justice for J6’ rally that went to pride parades wasting federal resources, time, and personnel. And people wonder why job postings are at an all time high with the agencies—maybe it’s because people with half a brain don’t want to be captured, tortured, and executed overseas because some leftist domestic tranny traitors think it’s a good idea to give U.S. identities to hostile foreign intelligence services and supposed allies with a grudge to settle. Meanwhile Abbate gets a promotion to Deputy Director and management’s too concerned about getting gene therapy clot shots with pseudo science.

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