The anti-state in the FBI

So, right-wing extremists riot & kill? Uh, no, but retired FBI agent Michael German says so. A proud leftist activist, he is sadly not alone in the intel community. Hmmm, an activist AND an officer of the law? Guess which position acts above the law?

German’s propaganda is false and we’ve all seen leftist extremists on the street attacking and battering innocent people, destroying small businesses, and city centers. We’ve seen who’s involved. Obama and Biden ushered it in during their eight years and try to blame Trump, but it’s just not so.

China openly supports Antifa and their current, violent actions in the U.S. Communism is the desired state of the radical left and they’re well funded from outside our borders and almost certainly the CCP generously contributes.

Brad has lived in communist countries and knows their brutality and he knows the inner workings of law and order. Armed with the facts, the retired CIA Operative and Station Chief has extensive experience in radicalized groups and exposes their motive – destruction of Western civilization.

Brad is president of his non-profit Americans for Intelligence Reform.

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