The Chinese Plot To Wage Economic And Biological War On The World And U S with Brad Johnson


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1 thought on “The Chinese Plot To Wage Economic And Biological War On The World And U S with Brad Johnson

  1. I have written before about China and their plight – many are those they have schemed – one thing to consider is they may be near running their wave or riding –
    For instance their bribes , blackmail tactics have given them favorable odds from a economic standpoint- they may have pushed to far –
    If for instance China had anything to do with the SARS / cov-2 covid19 being released they may have made a mistake and countered their own position.
    I say that because the virus has revealed that freedom and freedoms are still paramount in the minds of most Americans. So the virus has pulled part of the curtain back if you will and reveals barbed wire and control tactics. It also has sent established financial mechanisms scrabbling , and control features have rooted itself against our freedom. None of this in the end helps China whom is a defunct corporation that steals technology and makes cheap product to the whim of the worlds desire using slave labor. They have counted on “ they will buy if it’s less expensive” Certain American companies have based their business model on those products and sold accordingly. With the curtain being pulled back , China has exposed their weakness. They are dependent on America to buy their garbage . China has now panicked because they are losing the optics game . Now they are exploiting and demanding tactics that make their position stronger. By doing so it also has revealed those whom are loyal to China and monies basically earned through crimes against humanity and stolen technology. So Americans have wised up if you will and understand that America needs these jobs here on America – the handful of financial entities that are afraid of the sprit of Americans are also in a panic . This has been exhibited by “ paid for support of causes that are designed to break the sprit of Americans . In the end China will have a choice “ force “ which doesn’t help their crumbling economy or drop back and resume their role as “ we will make it cheaper” in the hopes America and the world doesn’t pull the whole curtain back and reveal that the actions of this violator of human rights is wrong and has no place whatsoever being accepted by American politicians and Americans and other world leaders . The panicked financial entities whom have been working to erode the American sprit have weakened their position as well . Americans and America stand to gain from the actions of immorality of these actions. America will set its compass and overcome usury, financial theft , high crimes and misdemeanors against our constitution and all Americans and we will pull together and address issues that are relevant and help lift all Americans up .

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