The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was done by a politicized FBI. Here’s why.

Whatever happened to Anthony Weiner’s laptop full of classified documents? Is Trump being treated differently because he is an enemy of the Democrat Party? And why wasn’t the raid conducted by the Miami field office of the FBI? Why was it conducted by the D.C. office? That and other red flags discussed.

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1 thought on “The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was done by a politicized FBI. Here’s why.

  1. I appreciate your 25 years of service in the CIA. I had nearly 20 years in the DOE.

    Because of my time in DOE I was truly alarmed by the list of TS/SCI documents retrieved from Mar-a-Lago. These documents are not supposed to leave a SCIF. Is the FBI and DOJ lying about the list of documents? So far no denials from Trump, so far only claiming executive privilege over these documents.

    To your point, We will never know what’s in the documents because the contents are classified. Unless they have in fact been declassified, then you and I can read them in the newspaper tomorrow, correct? Do you know what dates the documents were declassified because markings on the documents must show the date of declassification. There is also a process whereby the agency (DOE) has a chance to respond. If so, perhaps the DOE will post them on their website. They will make entertaining reading don’t you think.

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