The origins of COVID may never be known?

Avril Haines, Director, Office of National Intelligence

Political appointee and head of Office of Director National Intelligence, Avril Haines, now claims we may never know where COVID originated. This, despite numerous and clear indications it came from the Level IV Wuhan Virology Lab. Mainstream media is, of course, publishing that but not the evidence.

1 thought on “The origins of COVID may never be known?

  1. Involved in collection of intelligence, more like involved in the coverup and politicization of intelligence. With all the big gov’t agencies to make the world go around, they never seem to figure out that philanthropy groups can buy off anyone. The movie continues, but not many want to talk about Haspel’s involvement with Mi6 a few years back. Where is Haspel? Whatever happened to Dong Jingwei? This is the annoying thing with media, they bring something up and fail to do follow ups after babbling about it just to get some headlines—which in this case was likely old information to begin with.

    Moral of the story is if there’s just a press release about something then all the details aren’t going to be there or even true, as some call *wild goose chases* or nothing burgers for headlines. Thank the C.F.R. for that, nothing more than useless propaganda like those clowns at NASA always asking for more funding to make more films and space sets while the Space Force goes down the tubes.

    Speaking of spending, the infrastructure overspending bills go off the charts yet roads are still left in unfinished conditions post-Trump era. Where did the money go?

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