The Spy Line: Another Russian agent “falls out a window”

Was it defenestration (pushed out a window) when the 35 year old Russian spy met his demise in Berlin? Seems likely, says Brad Johnson. With his background in the CIA, he describes likely scenarios for this strange story.

Here’s a link to another defenestration story.


2 thoughts on “The Spy Line: Another Russian agent “falls out a window”

  1. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on December 1st
    about human rights violations in the US.
    It was posted in the context of the upcoming summit for democracy to be held in the next few days.

    Mr Johnson’s today’s podcast is very timely, as it is important to keep in mind the true nature of the
    Russian government and not to succumb to propaganda/information warfare tactics used
    by the KGB officers in power.

  2. Unoriginal, the thing about Michael Hastings in 2013 having his car taken over burning off and exploding was more original.

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