Ricky Vaughn posted a meme from 2016 mocking Hilary Clinton but the FBI cancelled comedy. Federal charges are pending and lies continue.

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Brad Johnson retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations. He has served domestically and abroad with numerous assignments often during periods of armed conflict. He has served overseas in direct support of the War against Terrorism. Mr. Johnson is a certified senior expert in Counterintelligence issues with extensive direct experience in the field. He is a senior expert in surveillance and surveillance detection issues. He has proven expertise in dangerous operational environments with the highest level of training and extensive direct experience in tradecraft for dangerous areas. His proven expertise also extends to denied operational environments (most difficult and restrictive) with the highest levels of training offered anywhere in the USG or the world and extensive direct experience. Mr. Johnson has served overseas as Chief of Station multiple times. He is an enrolled member of The Cherokee Nation, a Federally Recognized Tribe and is currently the President of Americans for Intelligence Reform.

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4 thoughts on “Twitter Meme Guy Arrested by FBI

  1. Brad, you’re piece on Ricky Vaughn was informative to say the least. Unfortunately, for the most part, the people that need to hear it the most aren’t listeners, subscribers to what you/we preach. That brings me to where I cannot say enough, that, when this ship turns around, while the ‘leadership’ of those that are responsible, are brought to ‘justice’ for what is way beyond ‘crimes’, their supporters must go with them. No, not to jail, lord knows there is no way for that to be a reality. What I propose, is that they be treated like the infestation that they are. When a property (America) has a ‘bug’ problem, and you don’t treat the entire property for removal, the infestation will return. In fairness, I believe that those who have supported and endorsed all of what is and has been propagated against this Country, this Culture of Americanism and our people, should be dealt with, in some like manner. I suggest, those who wanted and continue to want, because they believe they have the upper hand, which is to ‘force’ their ideology and, their penchant for something other than what this country has been, I say we give it to them. Just not here! I say we round ’em up and send them to the places of their dreams, Russia, Iran, China and the like. If that is what they want, they deserve getting what they tried to shove down our throats. Should they or their ‘chosen land’ be less than amenable, too bad. Put them on a plane, all wearing parachutes and, deliver them. I ‘m all for ‘catch and release’, catch ’em here and release ’em there. Don’t ask for my alternate solution.

  2. Democrats/the Left understand freedom as freedom FROM the Law, the Constitution or whatever divine decree there may be, while Constitutional Republicans define freedom as freedom WITHIN the Constitution, the Law, Scripture, etc.

    So, when people on the right call out truth showing some aspect of lawlessness, the left hate and cannot allow it. The suppression of free speech and truth is compulsive. Truth or “right vs wrong” must not have standing in their universe which is exempt from law, judgment and punishment. Either this, or free speech will be dismissed as conspiracy theory or punished as hate speech/incitement.

    The meme guy’s case is a showcase staged to intimidate people like you and me.

  3. An often cited rabbi in orthodox circles, the “Chofetz Chaim,” wrote extensively about slander, and he said that the one thing that was worse than lying about someone in order to make them look bad was to speak an ugly truth. Lies can be exposed and corrected but nefarious truth leaves lasting damage. – This is true.

    However, this advice supports authoritarianism (of any kind) and makes it near impossible to expose the criminal/save the victim (= the danger of left-wing authoritarian suppression of free speech).

  4. Dec. 20, 2019
    An Iowa man will spend up to 16 years in prison for stealing a pride flag from an Iowa church and setting it on fire. Adolfo Martinez, 30, was sentenced Wednesday for stealing the pride banner hanging at Ames Church of Christ back in June — and then burning it with a lighter outside the Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s Club, The Des Moines Register reported.

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