US Presidential Election & ItalyGate

What happened in the early morning hours in Rome? Was the Dominion vote-counting software hacked? Italian press thinks so. This video is an excerpt from a June 2021 McFiles interview. It is only published here because of censorship.

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  1. So I’m looking at this again initially I was concerned it was disinformation.
    1: if the packets can be traced from point A to
    point B – which this information as I referred to people were started looking into this verify within the last mile connections from the central offices – then the preponderance of the evidence would match at least activity – if the packet sizes match from point A -B then that is conclusive.
    The routers are easy information it would level that search out faster. However the issue all information on our network in America is embedded- memory exists in numerous place through out with respect to activity .
    Seems like this would be a enormous plan the issue is in D.C how would they remain quiet about this for so long ? Nobody can keep information under wraps in that town.
    I looked at Mike Lindells packet map and what I noticed is a pattern – with that said somebody has to have the pattern verified. Meaning revealed as to its operational means.
    If the above is proven with Mike lindells packet inquiry – then verified with the central offices then the USA has a huge issue.
    Aside from the election it would mean the gateway into our security from a cyber standpoint has been opened. Which would mean a bigger issue then the election. Of
    Note : the news about all the cyber attacks on the USA – this is prefacing and seems to suggest the door is open on our cyber security. The election is the smoke and Mirrors I think the USA 🇺🇸 is under attack in various ways . I would be very nervous from a security standpoint at this time.

  2. Interesting timing… The Audit Report out of Maricopa County/AZ has been said to be released on or before 11 August, the same day that FEMA & FCC are conducting a nationwide Emergency Alert Test. Mike Lindell (“My Pillow”) has said that Biden/Harris would “step down” on 13 August – which is a fourth option after the three options that you, Brad, cite.

    A back-up date for testing the EAS has been given; that would be 25 August.

  3. If the packets line up from point A and point B and the security net was lifted if it came from inside the embassy. It will be embedded knowledge. If this did happen that is treason at the highest level. Not sure what to say if it did happen. But it’s embedded that’s a fact .

  4. Nine months later, this report may STILL be premature. Will the truth ever see the light of day – and be reported on far and wide? This happening or not shows us who’s in control. If the truth keeps getting suppressed, we will know who has truly won the 2020 election, be that by fraud or truthfully.

  5. Pretty scary a supposed ex-CIA officer believes in such far-fetched conspiracy theories. Do you believe the moon landing was faked, Earth is flat, Elvis is alive and Q exists too?

  6. How are things going with the audits? Any news about Italy Gate?

    This interview is a month old, and you wanted to continue to discuss this topic a week later.
    This has never happened.

  7. I just watched your June 2021 interview – US Presidential Election & ItalyGate – 21 Sep 2021. I had not visited the Americans for INtelligence REform for quite a while. I was heavy into the site 4Q CY2020 when Maria Zack and you were speaking of the Italian connection. My feedback deals with the means of removing a President from office. While I agree that the US Constitution has only three ways to do so, the framers of the Constitution was never imagined a massive cheating scandal nd foreign interference in our elections. Thus, in this case, we are going to have to address it through a novel solution. The first step, I believe, is the results of the AZ full forensic audit. I suspect that your sources are correct in that there are going to be some major bombshells that are revealed which will leave no doubt that massive cheating occurred I suspect that will provide a much greater emphasis on the fledgling and ongoing audits in PA, GA, WI, and MI. And if properly reported on by the media so that the entire country knows the results, I also suspect that there will be a huge hue ad cry from the population at large for all 50 states to do full forensic audits. I can also see a massive move to completely remove electronic voting machines from the process, which MUST happen before the 2022 midterms or we will not trust those results either.

    1. From what I have come to understand, the AZ audit is just a farce, the same as all subsequent audits (those yet to come or already underway). At the time the 2020 US presidential elections took place, the CORPORATION the United States of America had been since 1871, had already been dissolved and the Republic not yet (and probably still not?) restored. Hence, the US Constitution didn’t and could not apply.

      On the other hand there are rumors that Trump triggered the EO13848, i.e. “Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election” while he was still in office along with the Insurrection Act to put the military in charge. Comms are confusing and rare, though. They can often just be found in the context of “conspiracy theories.”
      I still can’t figure out whether the military is in charge (limited martial law?) or whether it is not.

      I wonder whether anybody knows what’s REALLY going on. I find it thrilling and am losing all interest at the same time. It is exhausting to try to get to the bottom of it all, constantly running against walls of lies, dis- and misinformation, from the enemy or the good guys who generously make use of the fog of war. In that sense, Brad is a great storyteller as well. 😉

      At the end of the day, all we can do is wait and see what happens. Then, and only then, we will know what was going on.

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