What is the nature of Dr Fauchi’s relationship with Bill Gates?

Dr Fauchi emails leave many questions, but at least we know he's a Nationals fan.

With the Washington Post getting access to Fauchi’s emails, it’s clear he communicated with both the Chinese Communist Party and with Bill Gates? Why? It may be perfectly legitimate – this is a developing story and Brad Johnson gives his opinion.


12 thoughts on “What is the nature of Dr Fauchi’s relationship with Bill Gates?

  1. Your characterization of Fauci is spot on. As for the conflict of interest, and allegiance to Gates, there are technology patents relating to gain of function, and the vaccine industry, which both stand to profit greatly from. The information is out there, far beyond WAPO. You just have to wade through the chattel to get to it. But DARPA and the Pentagon are a good place to start.
    Fauci, as you have portrayed him in this video, is characteristic of MANY useful idiots in government, higher education, formerly trusted institutions (etc.) who are compromised by senior capital’s shift from the US to China (as explained by Damon Vrabel years ago). If you look to the “Guardians” of Inclusive Capitalism you will find faces in those dark shadowy places, who espouse the fake Wokeness of global corporatism, and you will even find the pope. These are the private shareholders of the Leonardo system (which you know of) that helped to cover up the great fraud of Biden’s hideous anti-American installment.

  2. One thought Also on this I agree but also consider this. If fauci didn’t hold the purse strings to grants – how many scientists would have disagreed with him over the years ? Expand that to how much of science have we missed because of one voice if you will.

  3. Brad, thanks for your service to America.
    I will say this your dead on with how china likely views fauci. But one thing also how many lab techs, doctors etc came here under a fauci grant or gates endorsed by fauci ?
    So thinking like a Army person which I always will be – how do we not know these people fauci let in didn’t have intel reports or missions given to them while here by the ccp?
    The numbers I bet that were invited here under the mentioned guise is huge I bet. That will be the tip of the ice berg. I watched a zoom meeting ( live ) with fauci and the Chinese counterpart hosted by university of Edinburg. Later posted on some off main stream media sites. He indeed Goo and awwed to the Chinese counterpart. Over how to deal with the pandemic. It was laughable and they used him your correct. But the path to what operatives and when are out in front of us now. Time to lasso them up and throw them out .

  4. cognoscente
    We need all of our doctors and scientists to get us out of this. As a security feature fauci should at least be stripped of his funding ability. This onion needs to be peeled and the layers looked at. The operative attack on America and Chinese spy’s is bigger then we know. They have and know whose susceptible to there manipulation and openly brag about it in their propaganda. The theme needs to be national security. Also bare in mind when the pandemic was first coming about fauci on television said he spoke with wuhan and it was not transmissible between humans. So your spot on with your assessment of fauci and the Chinese. Keep in mind we already arrested fake Chinese students who were spies in our medical schools.
    God bless America

      1. Oh not to mention several students here on visa from China arrested on navy bases taking photographs –
        National security isn’t stupid but for those that ignore it then whine for the military to clean it up – now that’s stupid –

  5. In 2019 FBI Director Christopher Wray warned last year that China was using “nontraditional” intelligence collectors to launch a “whole-of-society” threat against the U.S.
    The threat is real and kinetic actions will be next by their operatives.

  6. As far as Mr.Johnson’s point about fauci bare in mind the Chinese threw the French out after asking them for help building and designing the bs4 lab in wuhan. The Chinese never had built or operated one before. The French ran it up the intelligence chain. But, they still managed to get American taxpayers money as it appears. So who conned who ?
    The points are not dumb now we have both sides pointing fingers at each other. This is how wars break out. So what is dumb is we were involved in anyway with that lab.

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