What’s Up Canada featuring Brad Johnson, CIA Station Chief (Ret.)

Wayne and Brad review current events including: arrest of the Q Anon “Shaman”; CCP and the Wuhan lab; war on masculinity; election questions; Biden; leftist censorship; struggles in Canada; and more.


2 thoughts on “What’s Up Canada featuring Brad Johnson, CIA Station Chief (Ret.)

  1. Canada has declared the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. Not antifa, not blm.
    Have you heard of Biblical Citizenship classes? They are free, online or in person. Patriot Academy sponsors this with the expressed desire to save our Constitutional Republic. If you believe our founding values are worth preserving, please look into this asap.

  2. Thank you for joining the Convention of the States team all of the political maneuvering that is done to allow the People to regain control of our government won’t mean much if we can’t change the Constitution to prevent the left from using the same tactics to seize control in the future. The future of our nation depends on people like you who have the contacts to move things through the system and achieve real goals. Old Farts like me who don’t have the contacts are stuck posting things on blogs and praying that we will.

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