Why the history of Crimea is so important in conflict between Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey

Americans ask, “What difference does old history make? Russians live in Crimea, so it should be theirs.” But it means a great deal in there.  Some history for perspective: 7-6th BC, Greeks colonized it; 10th century AD Kiev took it over; Ottomans took it over and held it 15th-18th century; 1774 Catherine the Great of Russia took it from the Ottoman’s; Stalin took it for the USSR; and it became part of Ukraine in the early 90’s and later taken back by Russia. With all that, who should have it now?

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Crimea is important, says Brad Johnson, because of its industrial areas and its warm water ports. It’s the only port Russia has useful year round, so Putin is hard pressed to give it up. Turkey’s President Erdogan claims it from their history there and Ukraine wants it back to where it was prior to the collapse of the USSR. But in the end? It’s not about who lives there and from whence they came – it’s about the money and power in controlling it. Watch this fascinating overview and decide for yourself who has the real claim. Maybe the Greeks do.



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