Will anything ever be done about what’s in Hunter Biden’s emails?

More potentially damaging emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop came out. Who is implicated and does it make any difference? Brad Johnson explores…

1 thought on “Will anything ever be done about what’s in Hunter Biden’s emails?

  1. Brad while I was in the hospital I referred everyone who was interested to your website.

    1) You probably already know this but several of the States, Missouri included are forming State Militias that will be under the control of the Governor and no one else. The VA busdriver who brought me home from the hospital said that he had been approached by recruiters and that other vets he knew that left either the regulars or the guard recently were being approached to join.

    2) Would you pass on to the Convention of the States people that if/when they get a Convention of the States one of the amendments they need to try and get is one that will force the electors for each Congressional District to vote the way their district went. This will make it harder for the Left to steal elections and put a stop to the attempt to do away with the Electoral Collage by having the electors vote the way the national popular vote goes.

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