World-wide protests and riots over Covid restrictions steadily growing

Anti Covid control riot in Brussels, Belgium week of Nov 21.

Mass protests against vax mandates, economic shut downs, compulsory lockdowns don’t get much air time from US mainstream media. The truth is those protests are gaining steam – and police with riot gear isn’t stopping them. European governments may have started a revolution with its unrelenting, heavy-handed, governmental control of people’s lives.


1 thought on “World-wide protests and riots over Covid restrictions steadily growing

  1. A recent series of investigative articles by Jean Quatremer in the French newspaper Libération, disclosed vast corruption, conflicts of interest and high positions trades
    conducted by the networking groups of influence within the main European Union institutions.

    That further doesn’t help to uplift the morale of the European people.
    Of course, such news are ignored by the majority of the media.

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