Bringing Integrity Back to Intelligence

Brad Johnson, Senior Operative and Chief of Station CIA (ret.) joins host Jen Chalton in a discussion of U.S. intelligence agencies, the weakness and strengths and how President Biden can make improvements to improve our national security – beginning with the restoration of integrity by removing politics from operations.

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14 thoughts on “Bringing Integrity Back to Intelligence

  1. 1. Americans cannot primary any elected official ever again. They have just been taught that henceforth they will have no say in the outcome of any election ever again. You’re toast.

    2. I have never experienced such clarity and confusion all at once as since Nov 3rd which is only enhanced by the perception of two or more parallel realities : The new Biden administration on one hand and the D.C. reality (fenced off, military presence, Inc. vs. Republic, ongoing law suits, “irregularities” surrounding the inauguration, etc.). – One increasingly hollow fraudulent reality against an opposing reality in full flesh ; one hopefully exposing and crushing the other – at some point, and those of us who pay attention waiting impatiently for this to happen, the wait being exacerbated by the cognitive dissonance between ourselves and those around us who choose not to pay attention.

  2. Reality! Not palatable, but simpler! Reality, that politicians, Big Corporate, Tech, Social Media, MSM plus others,
    are bought and paid for by US Corporation aka ‘deep state’. Politics, is the main form of how, the people believe they are being represented yeah, right! To my reckoning, no one has ever represented me, Democrat or Republican. While being different snakes, who put on a “show”. When people like Trump show up, an outsider, the ‘nest’ buddies up. the ‘species’ is threatened. The Globalist’s, (the deep state) are also tied with the ‘communist’ agenda. They didn’t get so rich because they’re stupid! The entire ‘communist playbook’ is being used to a degree of near perfection, which makes the Globalist agenda easier. The ‘shot’ the communist’s fired in the 1950’s is still ricocheting today, with no loss of power and hitting every mark! All it took to bring down the prey (us) was for the United States of Stupid to evolve. And, it has-the Democrats! The Globalist’s started much earlier, 1871, and they too were successful because they used the ‘politicians’ of that time, in violation of the Constitution to enter. Look at the two “constitutions’, the first one from the revolution and the second one after 1871.

    1. … and yet, and yet… among ‘We the People’ there are still many, reality aside, who believe in the value of the Constitution and the rights bestowed upon them, mostly unawares that there exist in fact „two“ Constitutions and that they are in fact enslaved to corporation. I hear constitutional lawyers believe in and argue from the original while the US corporatists are more than happy to do away with both of them. The American people are left with only a dream, which is not the dream immigrants have taken risks for and that so many have been swooning over for a long time. – I have had my own ‚awakening‘ since Nov. 3rd, and I both wonder whether and hope that the American people can STILL take their country back and restore the original Constitution. Dreamers (the real ones) can imagine America becoming a role model for the rest of the world, and the last hope that might save us from Globalization’s doomsday plot. [I do not want to hear that there is no hope.]

      1. Caroline, like ‘reality’ , ‘Hope’ is only possible when the ‘game’ (for want of another word), is no longer played by their rules. The same applied in 1776. When ‘Americans’ who had ‘hope’ realized that, hope like thought and speech must be followed by action. The action they took was, an act of seeing their ‘hopes’ become reality. When they raised up in ‘arms’, it was only because words and thought were never considered by those who thought they held all of the cards. Also, they didn’t have a ‘military’ of their own to try to stop them. The only ‘military’ then was beholding and sworn to the King, unlike now. Since ‘our’ military’ are sworn via the Constitution, with the belief that their commander-in-chief, is also sworn to that same principle AND to ‘the people’ , yet, he/they (politicians) violate that oath, who do they really protect and defend? No one, but those in ‘arms’, are the only one’s who can answer that! When and if, Americans reach the same point as the first Americans did, then and only then, can we actually find out ‘who’s, who! Currently, being maliciously labeled ‘domestic terrorists’ in order to buffer any other stance by the military, are the ‘new rules’ being laid out by the same kind of people the Revolutionary War was all about. With that understood, I go back to those who allow this to persist, ‘United States of Stupid’ . They have ‘stopped’ being Americans and continue to espouse that, ‘we’ are the one’s that need deprogramming!

        1. Paul, thank you for your explanations. I understand that you believe that ‚we‘* should counter the evil plans of the lawless with hope and a positive vision on the basis of the Constitution (i.e. within the law) and take action where leaders have failed us, which would embolden the military whose leaders might feel reluctant to take the right action despite their constitutional obligation, due to media control and the « domestic terrorism » label. Biden voters will interpret any action as a “coup.” – 1/With President Trump out of office and the military maybe in the know about Biden’s status, what would be the process for them to act, and would we know? – 2/’We The People’ people have an army (unlike 1776) but foreign interference from multiple enemies both domestic and foreign from all around the globe shows that America is not just up against “the King” and his loyalists; and the scope is not only global but also broad because there is allegedly not only crime related to the election including treason, bribery, etc. but also the broad range of crimes against humanity (drug and human trafficking, etc.) that have been rising to the surface. – 3/What about the D.C. “situation”? Under whose command are the NG troops? Does anybody know? Are they there to keep D.C. fenced in or rioters out? (Maybe both :-)? Does D.C.’s legal status as a Corporation vs. a Republic (discussed in backchannels) matter at all – or does it maybe even play a central role in this altogether opaque situation? – *I am not American but given what is at stake, everyone should feel concerned. We’re all Americans.

          1. Caroline, I wish I ‘knew’! I try to say only what I know and, try to clarify what I only think or believe to be true. With ‘common sense’ I know that anything without a plan will fail. I know that any attempt to fight back other than ‘legally’, would end poorly, to say the least. That could change drastically, if we could know we would have the backing of our military. All of the concerns you have raised, are valid, because they intentionally or not, add to the eventual goal,-overthrowing this country. Shumer. recently ‘bragged’ that they intend to ‘change’ this country. They didn’t ask and that is the biggest answer we are all getting. To realize that things going on in Russia right now, speak volumes to their mindsets, finding out what is going on in Canada, very similar as here, as well as many other places too small to notice. We are involved in ‘global’ war, not with, but like so many others. I don’t know if there is a ‘solid’ link between CCP and ‘globalists’ but they both advance by each others doings, as well as the other ‘criminals’. I recently posted on Intel Reform from another story. I ‘pleaded’ for someone who has a ‘plan’ to step up. I received, so far, no response. I expect if they exist, they are smart enough to stay quiet overtly.
            I hear and feel your ‘frustration’ and so like you, I keep looking and listening for something, something to happen. We are way past the ‘thinking, talking and whining’ stage. The longer this takes, the more deadlier it becomes. I believe that, solid covert planed movement is the only way to minimalize the casualties. Regardless, I believe that the majority of the conservatives in this country lack the ‘spine’ to make the decisions that go against their moral compass. They refuse to play hardball, because it just isn’t their way and believe that ‘tit for tat’ demeans them. Until those people understand, ‘never fight with a pig, you both get dirty but the pig likes it’ isn’t the way to go, ‘you have to get dirty’! Being ‘free’ and dirty, beats clean ‘slavery’ anytime.

          2. Caroline, I sent you a response earlier today. What I’ve since found, is the forensic audits will begin in Arizona on Wednesday, February 3rd. Total time for everything is expected to take not more than 10 days. At the same time, 16 other states are awaiting the results, with the intention of doing audits in their respective states. Should those ‘audits’ prove what is believed, it’s ‘game over’ for Biden and the rest, since he will no longer be President and will, like the rest who participated be prosecuted. In any event, should that occur, Trump will be President again. The upside, is that all who previously stayed in the shadows have declared themselves, to their own demise. We the people must not lose sight that, to get rid of the leadership behind this coup is not enough. Not ‘tenting the whole house’ and, exterminating only one or two rooms, at this point would be ludicrous. They who wanted that lifestyle can go to many other places that already have what they wanted to do here, I say we send them there, forever!

  3. Paul, you say we’re in a global war. I “agree.” However, most people do not seem to be aware of this at all and those who are feel the fog of war and aren’t all that much smarter than the ignorant. All this may change.

    As I see it, the “overthrow” of the government has already happened. No matter how hollow and staged Biden’s presidency may appear, he is signing EO’s that have real-life consequences, and he is putting an administration in place, with all that this entails.

    You mention the ‘audits’ that are now taking place in AZ. Well, there is proof galore even without these ‘audits’ that the elections weren’t as they should have been, beginning during election night (vote count stop, vote dumps and shifts) and everything that was analyzed, exposed, revealed in the aftermath culminating in evidence and solid proof of foreign interference (‘Italygate;’ DNI report), and more is happening than meets the eye pertaining to the candidates’ personal misdemeanor/crimes(?) –

    And yet the official results of this election are still the reality America and the rest of the world continue to live by. President Trump let it happen, and I wondered why he would do this. He allowed people to reveal themselves, yes. Nothing will be gained, though, if he continues to allow the fraudsters to have their way while he enjoys his own moral high ground. If he continues… well, he hasn’t been the President for over two weeks. It is “over.”

    You mention a “plan” :-). We all hope beyond hope that there’d be a plan. You also say that whatever plan there may be, it should be within the law. I cannot help but think of WWII when law-abiding citizens did not stop a genocide from happening or of communist takeovers aka color revolutions that simply take hold of societies with hardly anyone noticing before it is too late. All this is quite disheartening. We can always trust that there may be a plan, God’s plan – beyond our own understanding but this also shows our own helplessness.

    Yesterday I came across a first hint at what may be happening behind the scenes, and it looks perfect, the idea being that the military is in control – despite Biden’s ‘presidency’ -, and they will neither allow the betrayal of the Constitution, nor would they respect an illegitimate president or communist take-over for that matter. They sort it out and come up with a plan, while the legitimate president is on standby. It is the calm before the storm. Taking sides matters, so does being awake.

    Trusting that there is a plan, carried out by men and waiting for it to unfold and ripple through our lives, America and the rest of the world, now has become exciting once again.

    1. Caroline, at the writing of this reply, the Sec. of DOD, has begun a ‘test’ for sixty days on a ‘stand by’ order. That order, comes as a result that, he doesn’t feel ‘comfortable’ about the ‘loyalty’ of the entire military. In so doing, he has now sent what I believe is a ‘message’ that will not sit well, with the men and women in uniform. To question one’s ‘oath’ is abhorrent, and only valid when that question is put to ‘politicians’! There are many ‘career’ military, who, remember during the Obama/ Biden era where they stood with their CIC, not good at all. Along comes Trump and, like magic, they become who they are now. Ergo, the question by SEC- DOD. Know that, this guy was ‘chosen’ because he agreed to do what is being done and yet, he in what he considers to be, his own infinite wisdom, doesn’t believe he could be wrong, if he is wrong, God is not going to help him!
      With regards to what you believe concerning the audits, you may be 100% correct. What I believe to be different this time, is that the audits are being done at the behest of the State legislature, the chosen group in the Constitution. Being that the vote is controlled by the State, on State owned equipment, and the election not, being run Constitutionally, any and every court, now cannot dismiss for ‘lack of standing’ or ‘procedural’ reasons. None of these audits are being carried out in the name of Trump. Because the State, has requested these audits, they are the ‘most’ standing. Should the ‘district’ court either not hear or attempt to throw out the findings of ‘criminal’ proof, the SCOTUS, MUST hear the case. Failure to do so, would be more ‘frightening’ than their concerns with/or about the fringe groups that scared them the first times. Failure by any ‘court’, would be the most ‘flagrant’ slap at our Constitution.
      As far as a ‘plan’, I believe that any ‘plan’ that is even hinted at, would cause failure. Trump, has kept his word thus far, he said he would be back in some ‘form’. Leaving it at that and creating an ‘Office of the Former President’, is part of that plan but, not in the way I suspect. We, you and I and, millions are afraid and, want some sense of relief asap. That would be jumping too soon, if the ‘plan’ dictates patience, patience because we would only get one good chance. Remember, they have spent many years instituting what they are doing, and, have been ten steps ahead of us, by through strategic moves. All that has happened so far, bears that belief out, yet it has also enabled us to develop a different strategy, that has us zig, when they expected zag, and neither would have been correct. I get where you are coming from with the ‘exciting’ part, but this excitement can and may be ‘deadly’!
      You also mention ‘helplessness’. If you believe that God has a plan, and you realize that there over 75 million that don’t fit into the category of ‘good Germans’, that makes me feel empowered. The only ‘good Germans’ in this country right now are the United States of Stupid Democrats! They are ‘stupid’ because, they have allowed an ideology to become their god. and, that will be their undoing at their own hands. Ideologies are like emotions, ‘fleeting’, while God goes on forever. If you think of it like a ‘warranty’ on a new car, it’s easy to know why it won’t last.
      Have ‘faith’, have ‘hope’, because it isn’t over yet. I am not an ‘optimist’, nor ‘pessimist’, I am a realist, and, as such, if it becomes hopeless, I will have no problem. accepting the truth, not happily, yet accept I will. That, then for me means I need to think in a new direction, go back to where I said ‘deadly’, what do I have to lose?

      1. Paul, I sent a comment earlier today and have now just watched the “MyPillow” guy’s 🙂 video (Mike Lindell) on the 2020 Presidential election. It is still up on Youtube. The most important part of it is 1:43:00 – 1:53:00. It is absolutely clear that this cannot stand. The Supreme Court *must* act, and this crisis *will* soon be resolved. I also believe that this process will eventually even be supported by most Democrat voters because, ultimately, no one is proud of theft, and everyone wants his/her/their vote to count. I guess, oh yeah, the best is yet to come… —

        Could it be that SEC-DOD’s 60-day-watch was issued pre-emptively in order to counter those who will reject the findings and accuse the military of a “coup” orchestrated by “white supremacists” within its ranks? – [Thank you for the exchange! This is my last comment on this thread.]

        1. Caroline, I’m aware of the clip of Mike Lindell and, I’m happy you are also. I ended my last post with keep the faith, and now you can. I hope I was of some comfort to you. It’s good to know you can get more excited. Take care!

  4. Paul,

    I am not sure I fully get what you lay out in the beginning, i.e. SEC-DOD’s “test.” I guess you refer to the “purge of white supremacists” ordered by the SEC-DOD who was appointed by Joe Biden and is an Obama loyalist. This looks like a dead end indeed.

    The AZ state audit of the election doesn’t run smoothly. Even if fraud is proven, why should the courts do anything than disappoint once again?

    With regards to a, respectively “the” quintessential “plan,” I have taken note of it, consider it highly ambitious but not entirely implausible. It does boil down to the (final?) battle between Good and Evil, and maybe we must find peace over the fact that we live in these times. “Nothing can stop what is coming.” – When it comes to this, we/I can only have patience and trust that all will be well and that “the best is yet to come.” – All else may be deadly considering the greater scheme of things.

    I am in doubt whether this is just too detached from reality (as I am being told). I am pondering the question. What moves me more right now (and this may or may not be short-sighted considering the above) is what I have seen, learned and understood about the vote count. There is no one in my real life who shares these observations or who would even care enough to listen or watch or read anything on the matter unless it be to “prove” me wrong. I long for the truth to be acknowledged. While I keep hoping, the Lie is writing history and doing away with the Constitution. Efforts by the US military/navy are underway to protect Taiwan against China; meanwhile it is happening here [there, from where I stand]. This is not just painful in the short term.

    While I have never lived in a communist system, I am fully aware of what it does to people. To expect Americans to accept the betrayal that they have experienced without a fight, will break them and lead the country and the rest of the world into a time of darkness that has never been before. This outlook is very depressing, and any and every sign of hope that this situation can still be turned around gives me hope and “excites” me.

    1. Caroline, Stay Excited! If you tie that to ‘hope’, good for you. None of what you are feeling is wrong. Like you, I know that attempts previously made to deal with the ‘Steal’ have gone nowhere, but, like I said, if the audits prove conclusive, that I think will be the different spark to ignite the others. When according to the Constitution, an action is brought by the States, the courts have to hear it on it’s merits. The issue this time, while still pertains to the election, it deals more to the crime against the state. Their property was abused, whether it was a vehicle owned by the state or, a machine, it’s is still a crime what was done.
      In so far as, your feelings of depression and alone, you have the same problem so many others have told me. Like you, they don’t have many, if any like minded to talk with, like we are now. Try to go to places like the Epoch Times! The subscription is worth it’s weight in gold, especially for us. They not only print everything, but, you also get to read and post with others that, are our kind. Digital news all day long, articles and interviews and a once weekly printed paper mailed to you once a week. I’m not trying to sell you anything, but like you I needed to find somewhere to go and be heard and to speak, ET provides that. Whatever you do, do not give up. I have for many years, proven to myself that if I don’t quit, I cannot fail! Should all of what I am doing, goes nowhere, I will change to trying something else, but I won’t quit. Keep the faith!

      1. I don’t know whether this is going anywhere since this exchange goes back to February… – Since then the time of a full pregnancy has passed…

        On Feb 1st, you, Paul, said the following,
        ” the forensic audits will begin in Arizona on Wednesday, February 3rd. Total time for everything is expected to take not more than 10 days.”

        In the meantime, we have learnt that those audits were a scam for financial profit of some while being and remaining of no consequence whatsoever with regards to their results. A country whose constitution has been suspended cannot check whether self-same constitution has been violated. It is irrelevant. People have been taken for a ride.

        I had come to understand that the country is under covert military rule in some shape or form and that Mr. Biden’s “presidency” and the election were/are a military sting operation.

        It has been my understanding that the public was expected to wake up while this ominous military operation has been carried out, and yet all we see is that the country along with the rest of the world is transformed in accordance to a dark New World Order. We are given crumbs and hopium. That keeps us quiet. It appears that nothing has changed what is coming. We weren’t asked. It is happening here and now, everywhere.

        We were asked to be patient as an act of kindness. Unfortunately it was all for nothing.

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