$400 Billion Iranian Lobby in the U.S.? By Barry Webb

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On the 14th of January, the Saudi-owned al-arabiyya satellite TV channel aired a special on an Iranian Lobby organization in the United States which goes by the name of the “National Iranian American Council,” or NIAC.

If that looks, sounds, smells, and feels similar to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) front group the “Council on American Islamic Relations” CAIR, don’t be surprised. It is no accident.

The primary function of CAIR and other MB front groups is to whitewash Islam in general and the MB in particular while pretending to be a “civil rights” organization–all for the purpose of acting as a cover for their lobbying efforts and Civilization jihad, stealth jihad, and cultural jihad efforts.

The NIAC appears to be performing the same role on behalf of the Iranian regime. According to the al-arabiyya program the NIAC got its start during the Clinton era, has good relations with the Iranian regime, and had a strong representation within the Obama administration.

During the course of the program, the host traced the sometimes cozy relationships that U.S. administrations beginning with the Carter administration, and going right on through to the Obama administration, have had with Iran. For example, the Carter administration knew perfectly well that the so-called “students” who had taken over the U.S. embassy in 1979 were not students, but were thugs acting directly under the orders of Khomeini. Carter then chose the “easy way out” of pretending to go along with the fiction so as to not have to take the difficult decision.

(NOTE: These embassy-trashing thugs then became the nucleus of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps which was formed as a “counter-army” to prevent the regular military from staging a counter-revolution. The IRGC then formed the al-quds brigade which came to be led by Qasim Solaimani and which has spread terror throughout the Middle East since its founding).

According to the al-arabiyya TV host Reagan also did nothing about the Iranian regime, nor did Bush 1, Clinton, or Bush 2, but under Obama they were the Administration, figuratively speaking, because their influence was so heavy and prevalent. The host also noted that the “Iranian community” has $400 Billion dollars. However, it was not clear whether it is the NIAC that has $400 Billion at its disposal, or if that just represents the net worth of all the Iranians within the United States, most of whom do not support the Iranian regime.

The al-arabiyya TV program claimed that the NIAC helped Obama’s rise to power, though whether this was through monetary donations, or help on the campaign trail was not made clear. The program also noted that some Republican senators have asked Attorney General Barr to look into the actions of the NIAC and its possible influence on American politics.

After catching these morsels from the TV program I googled the “National Iranian American Council,” and in looking at the NIAC website, they claim that they receive no funding from the Iranian government or the U.S. government. They, like CAIR, claim that they are a “Civil Rights” organization, and their mission is to guard against “ethnic discrimination,” promote “peace,” and “human rights.”

These are all noble sounding ideas that sends liberals into tremors of ecstasy, as a result of which the NIAC receives donations from a wide variety of American entities, as well as from Iranian Americans, many of whom probably do not know the underlying sinister goals of the NIAC.

Guarding against “ethnic discrimination” to groups like the NIAC, and CAIR, means to verbally attack, demonize, and shut down anyone who dares to speak the truth about Islam, Muhammad, shari’a law, and/or jihadism. Promoting “peace” means applying heavy lobbying pressure on members of Congress to stave off any and all potential American military action(s) against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Supporting “Human Rights,” of course, means supporting Islamic shari’a law which contains the only human rights recognized by devout Muslims, and is the law code of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

To give readers a sense of how the NIAC plays the game, I have attached here their official statement regarding the Iranian missile attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq, which occurred in response to our taking out their top terror master Qasim Solaimani.

In between paragraphs I will add my comments in bold on their comments.
NIAC Statement on Iranian Missile Attacks on U.S. Bases in Iraq
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, January 7, 2020
CONTACT: Mana Mostatabi | 202.386.6325 x103 | mmostatabi@niacouncil.org
Washington DC – In response to reports that Iran had launched missiles targeting U.S. military bases in Iraq, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) issued the following statement:
“NIAC is deeply concerned by reports of Iranian missile attacks against U.S. military bases inside Iraq. We condemn all military escalations by both the Iranian and U.S. governments that have led us to this tragic and avoidable point. It is not too late to pull back from a full-blown war. However, that window is closing rapidly. Congress must act immediately to halt hostilities and prevent Trump’s threats of massive retaliation, including bombing of Iranian cultural sites.
Notice how they start out sounding fair and balanced, while ending the paragraph with a plea to the Democrat controlled House to prevent Trump from retaliating.
“Donald Trump owns this 100%. He inherited a working nuclear deal and a tense but stable situation with Iran. He has deeply wounded the first major diplomatic initiative between the U.S. and Iranian government in decades, and listened to ideologues who convinced him to assassinate an Iranian general. At every step of the way, he has been warned he risked moving back on the path to war. Now that day may be here.
Now it is all Trump’s fault. Iran had nothing at all to do with it. The “working” nuclear deal was “working” fine for Iran because it allowed them to continue developing nuclear bomb technology on military sites which were off limits to UN inspectors, according to the treaty. The “stable” situation with Iran, meant that Iran was free to continue sowing terror and chaos around the Middle East which they were doing long before Trump came along.
Notice how they refer to the killing of Solaimani as the “crime” of assassinating an Iranian “general” with no reference at all to Solaimani’s long resume of terrorism including the murder of over 600 Americans, and thousands of Arabs in Arabian countries, and thousands more Iranians inside of Iran, as well as the targeted assassination of Iranian dissidents in Europe.
“Our thoughts are with all the people who will be harmed by this senseless and needless conflict. It is ordinary Iranians, Iraqis, and people across the region who will bear a profound cost that can’t be justified. So too will American soldiers, and their families here at home, who will bear the consequences of yet another war that was thrust upon them by callous leaders.
Here again they try to sound like good, peace loving liberals, but end up by calling Trump a “callous leader” for daring to protect American lives.
“We call on the international community and the United Nations to do everything in its power to find a diplomatic resolution to these hostilities before the entire region erupts in war.
“We also remain deeply concerned about the Trump administration’s detainment of Iranian Americans at the border on the basis of national heritage and additional discriminatory actions against our community. We will remain vigilant amid the looming specter of war and safeguard our community’s rights.”
These “Iranian Americans” detained at the border were reportedly attempting to smuggle in explosives.



In my book Confessions of an (ex) NSA spy: Why America and its Allies are Losing the War on Terror, I document how the Iranian regime, using 3rd and 4th party entities registered in the United States have been partially funding the U.S. Democrat Party and some of its candidates since 1998 (pp. 386-388). The possible involvement of the NIAC is a new one on me, and would provide yet another lucrative avenue for the Iranian regime to fund Democrats for the purpose of influencing American policy.

However, America’s policy of colluding with America-hating jihadists far predates Obama and Iran’s financing of the Democrat Party. On 04 June 2016 al-arabiyya TV reported on “recently declassified CIA material claiming that The Carter administration plotted with France to return Khomeini from his exile in France back to Iran to replace the shah (Webb, Confessions, p.376).

Iranian dissidents have claimed that in 2008, months before Obama took office, he was already colluding and collaborating with the Iranians, signaling his desire to sign a nuclear deal with them at any cost and to bring them back into the fold of the community of nations.

However, the most recent, and most blatant example of Democrat Party subservience to the NIAC and the Iranian regime came in the wake of the elimination of the terror master Qasim Solaimani. There was not a single word of praise from any of the leading Democratic politicians. Instead, there was implied condemnation of “recklessness,” “war mongering,” and even attempts by the Democrat-controlled House to restrict Trump’s ability to protect American lives by similar acts in the future.

The Democrats have also blocked a resolution put forward by Republicans for offering moral support to the Iranian protesters, many of whose bodies are being hauled away by the truck load by the IRGC,

The so-called Main Stream Media was also complicit in this either from the innate left-leaning ideologies of most “journalists” and/or some payola being passed under the table.


Hopefully at some point Attorney General Barr will find the time to look into some of the issues raised in this article, among these are:

How large exactly is the NIAC bank account?

Do any of their funds come from front entities connected with the Iranian government, Hizbollah, or any of their entities?

How much of the NIAC money goes into the DNC coffers, and how much into the accounts of individual Democrats?

Why were the Democrats against the killing of Solaimani?

Why did the Democrats try to block support for the Iranian dissidents?


Barry Webb had a 25-year career as an Arabist for the NSA and holds two MA degrees in related subject matter. He is the author of the book Confessions of an (ex) NSA Spy: Why America and its Allies are Losing the War on Terror. His website is: www.barrywebbauthor.com. He is currently a senior fellow at Americans for Intelligence Reform at www.intelreform.org.



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