Adam Steen Means Business – Speaks at Trump Rally in WI

Adam Steen, a Christian Conservative, husband, father, farmer and business man is running against Robin Vos in a primary in WI for Assembly district 63. Robin Vos is an incumbent of 18 years.

Donald Trump has endorsed Adam Steen in the primary and recently been very vocal about it after Robin Vos sent out a slew of mailers heralding false claims against Steen. Steen has been very upfront about his views from the beginning of his campaign stating his intentions which can be seen from his Facebook Timeline: Adam Steen Facebook Page

Steen has responded to the incumbent’s smear campaign calling him “desperate” to have taken such drastic measures.

After Steen among other guest speakers gave speeches yesterday, Donald Trump spoke about important issues, gas prices, election integrity and then called out Vos. Watch video on youtube.



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