AG Barr halted citizen investigation of election. Demands all findings.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, (Ret.)

AG Barr ordered citizen investigation of election to cease. Turn over all documents and findings to FBI. Lt Col Shafer, highly regarded retired intelligence officer, received a personal call from Barr. What happened to the unbiased regard for the law, asks Brad Johnson? What is being hidden from the American people?

Anthony Shaffer (born 1962) is a former U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel who gained fame for claims about mishandled intelligence before the September 11 attacks, and for the censoring of his ghost written book Operation Dark Heart. Shaffer enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard in 1980[citation needed] and graduated from Officer Candidate School in 1982[citation needed].

Following a Defense Intelligence Agency investigation into Shaffer, his access to classified information was revoked in September 2005 and his security clearance was revoked in February 2006. That revocation essentially ended LTC Shaffer’s career as an intelligence officer, both at DIA and in the Army Reserve.[1] Shaffer is currently the president of the London Center for Policy Research[2] (Wikipedia)

7 thoughts on “AG Barr halted citizen investigation of election. Demands all findings.

  1. Shaffer was over the target. Barr’s father was hired by Epstein back in the 1970s. That’s why Barr did nothing for years, he was always apart of the counterstate.

  2. Pysop – bs in the end the election issues are the people’s deal. Our intel and fbi should only be involved when crimes are committed.
    If this Shaffer guy had all that to say about 911 he was in at the time ? He’s a double agent – he works for the cia

  3. I don’t like tearing down pillars of America AG Barr doesn’t deserve unfounded claims. Shaffer needs to clean his act up.

    1. Unfounded claims? AG Barr himself ordered investigation into voter irregularities! Too much is just being swept under the rug. He was supposed to protect our democracy, not stand by willfully ignorant of it’s traitors

  4. The posts are my opinion let me clarify he was in the intelligence field at the time. To blame anyone for 911 is to make it wholesale that the hard working men and women in cia and fbi are the bad guys – I do not like that
    Sentiment . Let’s move ahead , the reason the election has to be the states that inquire , is thats the law .

    1. That is true Shaffer is likely counterstate as well, since he was friends with Alan Premel—same Alan connected with Hollywood, satanism (think Aquino), Mossad, and Blackcube. Shaffer promoted the coverup opposition narrative of 9/11. Premel was working for Roland Carnaby—the same Carnaby that was doing drug smuggling and bought off by Lebanese gov’t. Premel was definitely deep state/counterstate. Shaffer had an unusual feel-good relationship with Tenet too, the same Tenet that the Skull and Bones society Bushes gave a medal of freedom to. Shaffer was additionally collaborating with MI6, aka the same group connected to Soros, Malloch Brown, Paragon Group (eg. 2020 election interference).

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