Intelligence has gone into politics. COVID-19 is sad example.

It is not at all appropriate for the Intelligence Community to offer conclusions about the origins of COVID, says Brad Johnson, retired senior CIA Operative and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform. Yet that is what the Director of Intelligence did by stating they agree with the “conclusion” it is not man made. Why? Their job is to collect intelligence, report it to the government leadership and step back. The government decides what to do with the information. Further, it is the job of the scientific community to determine the truth. Instead, the IC leans to the leftist protection of the Chinese Communist Party wishing to exonerate it. They offers no proof of their conclusion either. A.I.R. aims to put the Intelligence Community back where it belongs – collecting information through espionage and objectively reporting it. The left leaning conclusions have to stop. Trump knows this and wants it stopped too.


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