Army Special Forces alarming focus on domestic terrorism

Robin Sage is conducted annually by the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS) at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. This year’s Robin Sage will take place from January 22 to February 4 and will span across 25 counties in North Carolina and three counties in South Carolina. (Credit The Drive)

A high level, Specials Forces training, Robin Sage, doesn’t focus on our military’s international efforts to combat terrorism this year. No. They were ordered to conduct exercises focusing on the new “Domestic Threat Terrorist” training. This is a serious wake up call that our freedoms are even further infringed upon. Please share – we bring you news concerning the increasing weaponization of our governmental agencies.


1 thought on “Army Special Forces alarming focus on domestic terrorism

  1. Asshats are still peddling the notion that January 6th was “Worse than 9/11! Worse than Pearl Harbor! Worse than Benghazi!” and go on acting like some *expert*. Anyone getting federal benefits with those ideals are the same ones claiming *climate change* is the biggest threat, or whatever they feel like next week to be the “biggest threat,” when they’re too busy taking boosters like it’s a candy store until their heart stops beating due to cardiac arrest.

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