RNC gets fairness deal with Presidential Debate Commission

Good news on the Republican National Committee front. Because the Presidential Debate Commission was stacked with Democrats for years, Republican candidates were stuck with liberal interviewers and no balance from conservative press members. That changed after a threat to not participate in debates. Brad Johnson explains.


1 thought on “RNC gets fairness deal with Presidential Debate Commission

  1. Such a boycott of the status quo is a great idea indeed.
    As an alternative, RNC can propose debates on their own terms and invite opponents to join.
    These could be led by the people like Joe Rogan or Jan Jakielek or others, who are skillfull, balanced interviewers and invite guests from all sides of political spectrum.

    Joe Rogan’s interview with Dr. Malone on Dec 30th brought recently many attacks on him and the Spotify
    – his popularity of hundreds of millions of viewers is only bound to increase.

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