Assange offers reward to catch Seth Rich’s murderer(s)

Seth Rich of the DNC

Seth Rich worked for the DNC and Assange “outed” him for leaking documents to WikiLeaks. The Clinton’s, particularly Hilary, were implicated in this information. In 2016, Rich is found dead in an alleged “failed robbery.” Brad Johnson analyzes the case and Assange’s renewed efforts to uncover the truth.


4 thoughts on “Assange offers reward to catch Seth Rich’s murderer(s)

  1. Mr. Johnson, you are making the same mistake as many in accepting the idea that Seth Rich is even dead. He wasn’t found dead in the street. He was still alive when taken to the hospital, and his wounds were even described as “nonlife-threatening.” You mention the family’s indifference to finding his killer. I think a better description would be they openly obstructed any attempt to find his killer. If Seth Rich was dead, the behavior is very bizarre indeed, but if their son was still alive, it makes perfect sense. Do dead men continue to leave digital footprints online? Seth Rich does. These footprints tell a different story. They say he returned home to Nebraska postmortem and remained until August 7, 2016. On December 19, 2016, he shows up working for Global News Asia in Shanghai, China. He continues to use his LinkedIn account with the exact same work and educational history, but he briefly uses the profile picture of a man named Seth Mattison. There is even metadata that suggests he returned to Washington. I don’t doubt that Seth Rich was shot. I believe he didn’t die from his wounds and was instead exiled on the threat of death. Life in the shadows is better than dead in a grave. If you were Joel and Mary Rich, you wouldn’t want inquiries that may result in upsetting that deal. For the purposes of the Deep State, officially dead is as good as physically dead.

  2. In Lin woods whistleblower tapes an informant details who killed him and who ordered the attach and why. Very detailed very credible

  3. What about the allegation about the 2 Mexican nationals from South Carolina that supposedly conducted the hit on Seth Rich and were discovered deceased themselves several days after the botched “robbery?” What about the allegation that Rich’s own brother was involved in the dissemination of documents to Assange and was allegedly a bag man? And wasn’t the only thing “stolen” was the thumb drive that was swapped out in his pocket? Has the FBI or DOJ investigated the allegation that Rod Rosenstein was connected to the intelligence operation in the Clinton missing documents, or the former law enforcement investigator that allegedly drove to SC to pick up the men that attacked Rich? Since Seth Rich worked for the DNC, but was a Senator Sanders supporter, is that why the DNC has not taken any interest in having this heinous crime investigated or solved? Why is the family allegedly not interested in the origin of the death, leaked documents, DNC or DOJ involvement, and more? Did someone make a payment to the SC men? Follow the money. Did someone make a payment to the family? Follow the money. Did Senator Sanders get robbed a second time by Hillary and her supporters in the DNC? Follow the money. Why did Fox News allegedly settle with Rich’s brother and not pursue the facts of his alleged involvement? Why doesn’t Assange tell all or as much as he knows to be true?

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