New Developments: China’s role in COVID-19

Brad Johnson discusses the DailyMail’s article expose on nine years of Communist Chinese Party’s military development of viruses in the Wuhan lab. Is there now enough circumstantial evidence that it was part of a bioweapons campaign?

3 thoughts on “New Developments: China’s role in COVID-19

  1. Even if it was an accidental release the delay in notifying the world of the virus and letting it spread around the world is an act of war.

    Your right no one has the guts to stand up and accuse China of in effect declaring war on the entire world, something that is going to cost us a lot of treasure and blood as we fight to maintain our independence and freedom.

  2. As one who has dealt with and investigated these types of things for almost 30 years, everything I have seen points to the fact that the development was purposefully driven; however, it appears to have gotten away from them before it had completely “cooked,” if you will. But, as the CCP always seems to do, they took an unintentional circumstance and used it to their definitive advantage.

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