CHAZ: tourist attraction & Minneapolis City Council says No to police & yes to adjudication.


By deciding to rid Minneapolis of police and substituting adjudication instead of law and order, the City Council now puts the criminal defendant on equal footing with the plaintiff. Perhaps a criminal burglar has more rights to your stuff because he doesn’t have it? Could be. Meanwhile, in CHAZ, one protester wants every white “tourist” to hand over $10 to a black person. Could you have to keep paying that through your tour of this occupied by force autonomous nation? And who is funding all those supplies the occupiers keep getting? Why is the Mayor in support of CHAZ anyway?

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1 thought on “CHAZ: tourist attraction & Minneapolis City Council says No to police & yes to adjudication.

  1. In Canada, there are serious problems in training, hiring and leadership among LEOs. I’ve seen it, so I attended a local demonstration.
    I stood out like a sore thumb. Local issues had little to do with the BLM chants and almost cult-like obedience to strange slogans and gestures. One of many examples. The crowd were told to wiggle their fingers above their heads to honor people who are both deaf AND black. Emphasis in the original.
    Many other indicators that this didn’t come from this hick part Canada. Apparently it has been present for some time, but it is not domestic in origination. As for the heavy weapons… my information is more indirect. But it didn’t come from the internet.

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