Saudi Newscaster on Democrats Embarrassing Themselves

Mashaari adh-Dhaayidi . “ANTEEFA, W-‘AARIYAAT, AS-SADOUR, W-AL-FOUDHI.”, June 4, 2020. Published originally by ash-sharq al-awset.

(Translation: Antifa, naked women, breasts, and chaos)

Translated by Barry Webb, Senior Fellow, Americans for Intelligence Reform

Wrapped in the shirt of George Floyd the victim, the participation of violent Left-wing chaos group in the incidents of civil strife and vandalism occurring now in the American States has become very clear.  It has become public knowledge, and the goal is to destroy the state and its institutions.  The matter has called for the American government to call out the National guard and deploy them.  And, this has caused a great deal of embarrassment for the politicians of the Democrat Party, their representatives, and governors of states, and has made them appear to be men who cannot be trusted with the higher interests of the state!

Among the plans of these supporters of chaos (antifa), is to mix with ordinary thieves who are not members but who are taking advantage of the atmosphere of chaos–these are criminals of the ordinary sort.  The American President Donald Trump talked about a group which practices left-wing terrorism professionally, and this is the Antifa group.  Trump accused Antifa and the radical left of instigating the chaos in America.  On his “Twitter” page he said that it was Antifa and the radical left and did not cast blame on the others.

In an intensive investigation for “” by my colleague Bandar ad-Daoushi, it was learned that “antifa,” which stands for “anti-Fascism,” is the name of a collection of groups that are against racism and who lean left and flock under the banner of the Democrat Party and which keep watch on and follow the activities of the new Nazis domestically.  The movement grew out of the womb of the leftist policies of the late eighties.  This movement claims for itself that it is opposed to racism and hostile to capitalism and homophobia.

Mark Beray, a lecturer at Dartmouth and the author of a book on “antifa,” says that “the groups organize educational campaigns, build collective alliances, and organize self-defense training sessions for confronting the far right.”

The “Rose City Antifa” page on Facebook says:  “We make no excuses for the fact that fighting Fascism on some of the points requires strengthening the body.”

There is another group that resembles the leftist, vandalistic, “antifa,” except that it comes in a feminist edition, and this is the women’s group “FEMEN,” which claims for itself that it is against the masculine phenomenon, religious institutions, gender discrimination, and homophobia.  (Mr. adh-Dhaayidi says:  Notice the similarity of goals between FEMEN and antifa.”)  The group was founded in Ukraine, but its current headquarters is in Paris.  This group has joined up with this “worldwide leftist chaos front,” and we have seen how the women of FEMEN have literally flashed their naked breasts as a clear service for the worldwide leftist alliances–such as the Muslim Brotherhood group.  Imagine that!

On the 30th of April 2014 the Tunisian feminist activist and member of FEMEN, Amina as-Sebou’i, stood in front of the Egyptian embassy in Paris protesting along with her colleagues baring their breasts in protest over the Egyptian court’s ruling against Muslim Brotherhood suspects and demanding the release of the Muslim Brotherhood (former) President (of Egypt) Muhammad Mursi.

The bottom line is that the current street vandalism in America is an uncouth expression of terrorism by wide swaths of the political front, the media, and the artistic and cultural classes which justify these groups, or minimize their crimes, or cast blame upon those opposed to the left.  They are components and mixtures seeded and deeply rooted in the soil of the murky Obama era, the corrupt fruits of which have sprouted at this time.  And, this is a front in which there are leftist chaos youths who precipitate violence, the crazy young women and girls who bare their breasts, Khomeinist activists with their strange neckties, and Muslim Brotherhood youths and young women talking gibberish in a strange language.  In this conglomeration are all these groups which travel the same path for the same goal.  “Antifa” is nothing more than the expressions of this huge world-wide perversion.


Mashaari adh-Dhaayidi has a regular show on al-arabiyya TV, as well as a regular column on the alarabiya website.  Both entities, as well as the ash-sharq al-awset newspaper are owned by the Saudi government.  Mr. adh-Dhaayidi’s views should be expected to track that of the Saudi government to a greater extent than say the anchors of the “straight” news programs on al-arabiya TV.

While it might seem strange to some that a radical far-left, religion-hating, feminist group would ally itself with, and demonstrate by baring their breasts in front of the Egyptian embassy on behalf of a far-right, women-hating, male superiority, fundamentalist religious institution that enforces an oppressive brand of sexual modesty and the complete covering of their women folk, including face and hair . . . it illustrates two things:

One, is the age-old expression from political science that “politics makes for strange bedfellows.”

Two, is the conglomeration of disparate groups mentioned in this article where you have extreme right-wing religious fundamentalist groups allied with far-left anti-religious groups, describes perfectly what observers in the west call “the red green axis.”  While these various groups might be diametrically opposed to each other on most issues, they all have one thing in common, and that is to destroy the status quo, destroy all existing power structures, all existing political entities, or states.  By creating chaos, they each think that the resulting anarchy and downfall of existing authority will pave the road for their own assumption of dictatorial power.

This article does one more thing.  It underscores the international flavor of “antifa” and its alliances, which is a fact that many highly placed politicians and media personalities in the West have so far been unable to grasp.


Barry Webb has logged a 25-year career as an Arabist for the NSA, has two MA degrees in related subject matter, and is currently a Senior Fellow with Americans for Intelligence Reform  He is the author of Confessions of an (ex) NSA spy:  Why America and its Allies are Losing the War on Terror.  His website is

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