Translated, the sign says, "First Wave, Second Wave, Permanent Wave."

As extreme “containment” measures come back, many agree that’s just another governmental power grab. With massive protests against shutdowns in Germany and UK, Brad Johnson echos what many think – it’s political. Shutdowns and restrictions seem more of a bludgeon on freedom, with limited proof of necessity. So, why is that? Also, what one physician has to say about his experience working in the now-designated COVID-19 hospital in German.

Retired after 25 years in the CIA as Senior Operative and Station Chief, Brad Johnson now devotes his life to his non-profit Americans for Intelligence Reform. Bringing his unique international experience, he provides in-depth analysis of hot topics global and domestic. Our conservative platform gives you information not heard on mainstream media outlets. We need everyone’s support and appreciate your subscriptions, shares, and comments.

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