Recent Events Revisited (6/20): Why and How Antifa Created Riots

Part of Americans for Intelligence Reform’s series with prior interviews relevant to our current events. With so many new subscribers, we believe you’ll find information you may not have known.

June 3, 2021

While the death of George Floyd is disturbing on many levels, the rioting has a very sinister group behind it. Anti-Fa’s intent is to overthrow the U.S. Brad Johnson, former CIA Operative and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, has direct experience with the methods of Anti-Fa and points out how they specifically carried out their plan to create chaos and foment violence. Trump’s move to declare them a domestic terrorist group demonstrates both his understanding and courage. Learn more about this terrible group and who may have been part of the money trail to fund them as well as Brad’s take on the charges against the police involved.


The why and how Anti-Fa created riots across the U.S.

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