Recent Events Re-visited 6/20: AG Barr’s Quest to Label Antifa Domestic Terrorists


Part of Americans for Intelligence Reform’s series of prior interviews relevant to our current events. With so many new subscribers, we believe you’ll find information you may not have known.

AG Barr misses yet another easy 3-pointer and we now know there were a bunch of them. If only…

In a demonstration of how FISA is supposed to work, the investigative information on Anti-Fa will come from the intelligence community uncontaminated by politics. Brad Johnson, retired CIA Chief of Station and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, outlines the power of espionage in collecting information and passing it on to the DOJ quietly and appropriately. Will charges be brought? Jack Posobiec explores the topic with Brad.


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2 thoughts on “Recent Events Re-visited 6/20: AG Barr’s Quest to Label Antifa Domestic Terrorists

  1. Well, ‘hindsight’! Terming that Barr ‘missed a three pointer’, is not even close to what he didn’t do. What he did do, was throw the ball away, not even taking a shot. Whoever, can try to ‘whitewash’ this one away, but it’s just another proof of what Barr really was, a mole! For all of his ‘credentials’ and resume, it only assures us that, we were ‘little red riding hood’ in this fairytale of Justice. Between him, people at FBI, CIA, State and God knows who and how many others, not even counting the ever present lying, cheating, oath breaking ‘politicians’, have become the majority of who is in charge at every level of what once was OUR government. Had the ‘framers’ ever conceived that this would be their ‘legacy’, they would have engaged in mass suicide, after they tore up everything they ever wrote. Either, We, the people fix this once and for all, which is the only thing we can do, because I will not lay down and continue to accept where we are now and where we are headed. I haven’t moved to Moscow or Beijing for a reason!

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