Current events U.S. with Brad Johnson

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Brad analyzes current events and gives his take and predictions. If you already follow him, you know he is very on target. Please subscribe, follow, and share. Americans for Intelligence Reform is a non-profit news outlet. Support independent media and help us fight censorship.

Founder of Americans for Intelligence Reform, a non-profit organization, Brad retired after 25 years as a Senior Operative with the CIA. His multiple stations included areas fighting terrorism, and those succumbing to lawlessness, human rights violations, and communism. At AIR we publish what you need to hear that our media censors. Support independent news outlets by sharing and following.


2 thoughts on “Current events U.S. with Brad Johnson

  1. Hopefully Cubans can get their country back. If the Havana communist network gets removed, ELN loses alot of support in Venezuela. But of course, knowing the history of the Council on Foreign Relations, the bureaucrats in D.C. will abandon the Cuban people Brigade 2506 all over again or just like Patton being killed by Donovan and the NKVD. Dulles botching up operations has never been anything new, and JFK made the mistake at listening to the CFR members to abandon Trinidad during Bay of Pigs. Can’t really blame JFK and Eisenhower though, since FDR himself was already penetrated by the Soviets. Fast forward to the modern-day, and the PLA has already penetrated almost every gov’t agency. So we can only imagine what would happen to people that are oppressed, from botched up operations in Bay of Pigs, Tienanmen Square massacre, Operation Cyclone/Safari Club, Los Pepes and the FARC, to today. Nothing will change until Memorandum 57 is placed into effect and removing all assets of the CFR for aiding and abetting the enemy by abandoning our allies like Frank de Varona and leaving them to rot in prison, be tortured, executed, or worse.

  2. Another thing, collaborating with the mob is not going to end well. Training a narco-terrorist how to shoot a gun and then give it to someone with your back turned is not going to end well. But for too long, many democrats and establishment republicans can’t see the bigger picture until it’s already too late.

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