Silicon quantum computing a double-edged sword

Sydney-led research paves the way for large silicon-based quantum processors for real-world application.

Silicon quantum computing is supposedly 100 million times faster than current processors. This next generation computing has incredible potential for good. But its power can be used against us. Brad Johnson discusses the increasing use of facial recognition surveillance and what quantum computing can do with it.


1 thought on “Silicon quantum computing a double-edged sword

  1. More like a 100 million times easier to be *breached* by some internal issue that would be promoted on a pedestal like it’s a cyber-attack instead of by design. When someone like Brennan and the torture queen become directors of alphabet soup agencies, don’t be surprised that it’s vulnerable. Take for instance the Russia Russia Russia hoax being used as an intel document, yet people blame the analysts instead of the traitors that put it in the first place.

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