Does Trump have an Ace up His Sleeve? Brad Johnson on Dr. Carole’s Couch

In light of so many issues surfacing about the election, will anything be done to investigate and reveal any irregularities before the inauguration? There may or may not have been enough evidence, but we’d still like to know.

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6 thoughts on “Does Trump have an Ace up His Sleeve? Brad Johnson on Dr. Carole’s Couch

  1. Actually if a crime or crimes were committed even if the swearing in occurs – since it was revealed that this could be likely or even suggested meaning fraud of any kind – prior to swearing in – there is a obligation prior to the candidate reaches the Chief Justice – this obligation rests with the legislative body that these sort of things have been ironed out and the candidates are in fact ready for the oath – therein the oath is system wide if you will / this evidence has been presented – and a oath is a oath – so of the justices swear in said candidate then they are guilty as well if indeed crimes were committed .

  2. What came into my mind was that scene / that end point in Dangerous Liaisons (the film version that was with Glenn Close, John Malchovich and Michelle Pfeiffer) when Glenn Close came back home and was removing her makeup, and is chilled realizing that she had zero backing / zero support anymore from the high society mover shaker people that she was once in with, which meant that she had essentially become a powerless pariah outcast, blocked. If it IS the case that Trump has been defeated by the Deep State NWO powers / “put in his place”, I picture it being that type of feeling internally, the shadowpowers making you know that they ultimately out powerwield you, and can disable / disenfranchise you.

  3. I offer no opinion on president Trump being defeated or not. What i hope is all possible Avenues of fraud is looked into. Not for president Trump but for the honor of this country. If there is fraud then fix it if there isn’t then you have done your job as a steward of our nations laws. If swept under the rug or ignored – then a failure of the above has occurred . I condone no violence but looking at hours and hours of tapes , blowing up and looking at who was there and who wasn’t . I generalized feeling comes over me and that is the failure of the political body to have empathy. They should have met the protesters outside and spoke that their concerns will be looked into . Maybe even before this rally . In essence all politicians are complicit in not addressing the 1 year of violence in the streets and the impact of the virus . This is more then people whom
    Should not have gone inside the capital it’s a failure of leadership . That’s the more serious issue . I’m deeply concerned with Antifa being trained in Syria or by others whom have been.
    Reminds me of a better financed red brigades outfit . This should be looked into – if anyone has backed Antifa that’s treason thats plane and simple .

  4. This has to do with the Great Reset. And it shouldn’t matter who supports him he was the President of the United States so why can’t he military step in.
    I don’t get it . Why didn’t he use the military its clear we are being taken over by the government.

  5. It doesn’t matter who he surrounded himself with. Is every one in fairy land. The law has been broken. So who cares about all this stuff he’s talking about. So that is it oh well now the America we know of now goes to communism because why? He didn’t hang enough with the right crowd. This is bull crap excuses. Its all so dumb. The voters of the USA , more then half have had their votes stolen, we have all seen it, we saw it live the night of t he 3rd, we saw counting stopped, which has never happened before happen in the history of elections. Its a George Soros network. So they all just get away with it. So they are taking over by people in our government which is treason. So why isn’t the military stepping in. There first duty is to the American People. The American People are in charge. So where is our military ….0

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