The Italian Connection to Election Fraud, continued

Former Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvino, supports the election fraud theory despite some claiming the allegations are false.

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All roads lead to Rome: Italy’s central role in rigging US elections
a week ago

An avalanche of information that has emerged in recent days leads to the conclusion that an essential element, which has so far been missing from the evidence of fraud in the November 3, 2020 presidential election in the United States, is the involvement of structures in the Italian administration. Here are the results of surveys conducted by the nation in action organization, the Good Governance Institute and former CIA agent Bradley Johnson.

Maria Strillo Zack’s revelations appear to be some of the most disturbing about the international political scene in recent years. Zack is president of the Nations in Action Association and a member of the Institute of Good Governance in the United States. She gave a series of interviews this week, in which she laid out stunning details about how multiple foreign interference took place in the US presidential election on November 3, 2020. Given the relevance of the information, she presented a detailed report on 6 January to some members of the US Congress, meeting at the Capitol for the official recording of voters’ votes. The report has the signatures of judicial experts from Italy and depositions from a trial. The Institute for Good Governance also issued a Press Release on 6 January in which it made public essential data recorded by a Court of Justice in Italy. The importance of these investigations was also underlined by General Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser, who on 5 January posted a tweet referring to the interview offered by Maria Zack, noting that it indicated
Another piece of the alien interference puzzle. The viability of our constitution and our country are at risk. Italy did it: Arturo D’Elia admits the election was stolen.
According to information provided by Maria Zack, the US elections were falsified through cyber attack operations involving us intelligence factions, as well as companies from other countries, including those in Germany and Italy. Zack explained that an operation was processed that moved hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden. The intervention began in Frankfurt, where a CIA station houses Dominion servers. She says everything went according to plan until hackers in Frankfurt realized that what they were doing was not enough to finally give Biden’s “victory.” At that point the operators became panicked and appealed to certain secret services in Italy. Specifically, those services had an operational base in the U.S. Embassy in Rome itself. From there the operation was recalibrated by creating new, more incisive algorithms, which sharply increased the flow of votes for Biden. The intervention was carried out by a military satellite operated by an Italian cyber-security company called Leonardo SpA, which inserted the new data into Dominion servers. These explanations were the missing pieces of the arguments that Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Flynn were working on to prove fraud.

Maria Zack’s claims have credibility because they are based on the official statement of Arturo D’Elia, a former head of the IT department of Leonardo SpA. He testified before the President of the Court of Naples at the Court of Justice of the Lazio district. As you can see from the video statement of Professor and Lawyer Alfio D’Urso, it is very clear that Arturo D’Elia has recognised his role in the hacking scheme. The accompanying image illustrates the photocopy of one of the documents issued by the Court of Lazio. In essence, D’Elia argues that under the instructions of US embassy personnel in Rome, he “twisted” Trump’s vote advantage so that that advantage would side with Biden. Here is the translation of the transcript given by lawyer Alfio D’Urso, legal consultant of the Italian Supreme Court of Justice, on 6 January 2021:
I, Professor Alfio D’Urso, lawyer of Via Vittorio Emanuele, Catania, 95131, Italy, present the following statement based on facts, as transmitted in several meetings with a high-level army security official:
Arturo D’Elia, former head of the IT Department of Leonardo SpA, was accused by the Prosecutor of Naples of manipulating technology/data and implanting viruses in The Main Computers of Leonardo SpA. D’Elia testified before the President of the Naples Court and in his sworn statement of November 4, 2020, stated that under instructions and guidance from persons of American nationality working at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, he undertook the operation to change the dates of the November 3, 2020 U.S. election from a significant margin of victory by Donald Trump to Joe Biden, in several states where Joe Biden lost to the total votes.
The defendant states that he worked in Leonardo SpA’s Pescara facility and used military-grade cyber warfare encryption capabilities to transmit the votes switched to Frankfurt, Germany via the Fucino Tower’s military satellite. The defendant sworn that in some cases the modified data represented more than the total number of registered voters. The defendant also said he was willing to testify about all the individuals and entities involved in passing votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden when he was in total protection for himself and his family. The defendant states that he has secured in a secret location the backups of the original data as well as the data modified as instructed, in order to provide them as evidence in a court that will hear the case.
I hereby state and swear that the above-mentioned facts have been exposed in my presence.

The operation was carried out via a Leonardo satellite. Zack says Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte himself, would have been aware of the mission. He was fully informed about this operation, against which he appears as “very determined and involved,” Zack claims. The hacking team was coordinated by Italian General Claudio Graziano, who has a senior position in Leonardo, and who was assisted by an Italian secret service agent, Steffon Serafini. General Graziano is a very important figure in this operation, and he is also the Chairman of the Military Committee of the European Union. Graziano is also a fervent supporter of the achievement of a single European army. He fiercely opposes President Trump’s foreign policy, which no longer wants to promote military interventionism, but respect for the sovereignty of other countries.
The connection was made on the basis of much older links between parallel administrations (also called “Deep State”) between the two states. As we will see below in this article, a key role in this play was played by former US President Barack Obama and former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.
The situation is particularly delicate because if US special forces were ordered in Italy – in order to confiscate incriminating documents and arrest the guilty – we would be dealing with US military intervention in a NATO member country, which could create a huge international scandal. Since the Italian government is completely corrupt and subject to the Italian underground administration, it is illusory to expect it to remedy the situation in any way. Power and opposition are also there hand in hand, controlled by the tentacles of the globalist Masonic octopus.
Moreover, it is highly unlikely that this plan took place without the American ambassador to Rome not knowing what was going on in his own embassy. Currently the U.S. ambassador to Italy is Lewis Eisenberg, a former goldman Sachs bank member and contributor to Trump’s 2016 election campaign. At the same time, Eisenberg is a close associate of Zionist lobbying organizations of American neoconservatives, sharp enemies of President Trump because of his consistent plan to withdraw the U.S. military from the Middle East. Lewis Eisenberg was appointed ambassador by Trump himself in 2017. These days already we are no longer surprised that most of the people in President Trump’s entourage have unscrupulously betrayed him, thus proving to him that they are part of the Deep State swamp.
Complementary evidence
Italy’s involvement in this huge fraud was confirmed by Bradley Johnson, a former CIA agent and head of one of the US intelligence agency’s overseas stations. Johnson was the CIA’s senior operative officer and is currently the president of the Americans for Intelligence Reform. He revealed on January 6, 2021 how Italy played a crucial role in what he described as an “international coup against Donald Trump.” His information is perfectly converging with that revealed by Maria Strillo Zack and reveals that pirated data from the US elections was transmitted first in Frankfurt, then from Frankfurt to Rome, in the US embassy (located on Via Veneto Boulevard) and then arrived (modified) back in the United States.
According to Johnson, the Frankfurt servers only hosted the partial data of the hacking, but the real protagonist of the data measurement would have been Rome. He says that on election day there was something unprecedented in U.S. history. Suddenly, the vote count in the key states was stopped simultaneously in the middle of the night. The hacking operation was underway, but the perpetrators realized things weren’t going well enough for Biden. Brad Johnosn explains:
Trump got a record number of votes, but switching votes from Trump to Biden in Frankfurt was not enough to surely give the Democratic candidate a “victory.”
Johnson says it took a new drafting of algorithms to eventually change the outcome in Biden’s favor. Once hackers created the new algorithms to switch more votes from Trump to Biden, they sent this new data to a military satellite operated by the Italian company Leonardo, a leader in the aerospace and defense sector. After they did so, the new manipulated data was sent back to the Dominion voting machines in the US.
Johnson concludes that given that the recalibration operation took place in the American embassy in Rome, it is clear that the Italian government is directly involved in this cyber attack. The former CIA agent mentions that significantly the fact that Leonardo’s largest shareholder is the Italian Ministry of Economy, which owns more than 30% of the company.
Why Italy?
Maria Zack also revealed that she is in possession of detailed information that bribing the Italian administration to conspire against Trump dates back to the time of former President Barack Obama. He allegedly sent $400 million in cash (14 banknote pallets) to Italy in 2017 and officially reasoned that the money would be earmarked to help Iran to set up an international nuclear deal. It was a lie. The money has reached Italy and there is clear evidence of this.
What has been described so far has provided an insight into the fraud reported to the military and intelligence services of the operation. It was (and still is) an action orchestrated by disloyal and subversive members of structures in the Parallel State (Deep State) american and Italian, aspiring to take control globally. But the revelations that follow are even more shocking.
The political level of the plan to sabotage Trump was practically coordinated by Barack Obama, who was allegedly helped by his Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi, the former Italian prime minister. Maria Zack argues that what happened was “a truly brilliant plan orchestrated by Obama with Renzi’s help.” The relationship between Renzi and Obama is simply fundamental to unraveling both the first coup attempt against Trump (Spygate, also called Russia Gate) and the second (election fraud 2020).
Indeed, let’s note that the last declassification of NSA documents in the United States indicated that in September 2016 Barack Obama was perfectly informed of the plot against Republican candidate Donald Trump. Former CIA director John Brennan had announced to President Obama that Hillary Clinton was making a fake scandal to describe Trump as a “puppet of the Russians.” American institutions, such as the FBI and the intelligence community, played a substantial role in the plot because they gave the green light to illegal espionage against Trump. It goes without saying that Barack Obama was at least complicit (if not coordinator) in the plan to sabotage future President Donald Trump.
At the same time, evidence emerges that Spygate could not have happened without the decisive assistance of Italy. In a widely documented analysis of the subject[1] ,[2], Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti points out that when Obama chose to authorize the illegal espionage operation against Trump, he would have sought the help of former Italian Prime Minister Renzi. What’s more, Sacchetti shows that there is a red wire linking Spygate to the 2020 fraud. And this red thread is exactly the axis between the deepItalian and American states, represented in this case by the link between Obama and Renzi. This subversive plan continued to operate without interruption until November 2020 when both sides, the US and Italian agents, conspired to carry out the plot. The goal, which was intended to be decisive, was to remove Trump at any cost from the presidency.
Of course, Obama and the Italian agents did not act on their own, but on the orders of much larger structures. But for now, there’s been concrete evidence for what we’ve exposed here. In other words, to understand the big picture, globalists used members of the American Democratic Party (such as Obama and Clinton) to coordinate the coup, but also the subversive power of italy’s Parallel State, which is deeply infiltrated into Italian public institutions. We now better understand the role Obama has played since 2017. The former U.S. president was part of a parallel administration to the White House, which could be considered a kind of U.S. Shadow Government, and which (among other things) was intended to obstruct Trump’s presidency. In all this scheme (especially in the final, electoral part) Italy seems to have provided the technology and its operative agents.
Let us not forget that there are much older links between the US and Italian secret operatives, strengthened since the end of the Second World War. It is about the gladioparamilitarystructures, which were meant to prevent Italian society from allowing the rise of communist parties to power by bombings. Gladio commando troops acted very precisely and were subordinated to NATO. In the view of the Atlantic strategists, Italy was to remain under America’s control. And the strategy worked: at key moments, particularly harsh attacks were carried out and the blame was on the Communists. Through the media, the population was driven to vote with the capitalist right, intimidated by the so-called “communist threat”. Moreover, this was the method of controlling the entire Western Europe during the Cold War, but the most powerful center of Gladio-type groups was in Italy. Although few are aware of the work of those mercenary troops today, it is useful to know that they have been recorded by parliamentary investigations in Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and even the European Union Parliament [3].
Turning to electoral fraud in America in 2020, we can say in conclusion that it is practically an international coup, conceived by the Us parallel administration (Deep State) and brokered by the participation of several countries and governments, such as Canada, Germany, China, Spain and Italy. There is much more information that will complete the picture of the biggest electoral theft in history. It is increasingly obvious that in the near future we will see astonishing revelations about how globalist power has used governments serving the New World Order’s agenda to overthrow Trump.
1. Cesare Sacchetti, Italygate: is the Italian government directly involved in the US election fraud against Trump? , La cruna dell’ago, 29 decembrie 2020,
2. Cesare Sacchetti, Italygate, part II: Obama and Renzi accused of being the masterminds of the US electoral fraud, La cruna dell’ago, 7 ianuarie 2021,
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8 thoughts on “The Italian Connection to Election Fraud, continued

  1. This information should be enough, by whatever means necessary, to stop the ‘Inauguration’ of Joe Biden!
    Also, this appears to be ‘proof’ of Insurrection on a grand scale. To allow this theft, to enable a false government in this country cannot be permitted. Trying after the fact to reverse or alter what will become a ‘communist’ country,
    will lead our people into a ‘blood bath’. We MUST not wait!

    1. Nothing can be done unless Zack comes through with her claims.she saying guy who manipulated vote is willing to testify(and has computer evidence to supp. claim),element of Italian Secret service willing to testify( with phone/text/ photo evidence) has banking details re: Obama/Renzi. Unless, she can produce these people and their hard evidence, it will fade into the conspiracy theory ether.The stories implications are chilling for not just americans.It would mean any democracy is at risk, if these voting machines are used.

  2. After reading this, my hopes and prayers to God will hopefully come true. This has been a tumultuous year for all us Americans, all us Trump supporters. We knew, and have always known he won the election. We pray that truth will prevail, and soon!!!

  3. This Detailed Aspect of election fraud theory was passed on to Trump as best Christmas gift ever! US government had to do/know something within 24 hrs. with cursory Investigation. What was their assessment? Where is the follow through? good or bad; true or false?

    Plenty of time for Powell, Giuliani, Ellis and others including DNI Ratcliffe to verify/validate. Why has this not been newsworthy in Europe and global markets? — too quiet! – hard to believe it was suppressed by social media and media in Europe. Is there an overwhelming number of bad guys involved?

    We in Trump’s corner want it to be TRUE and demand a public transparent hearing (court, congress, or UN hearing). The world deserves an Investigation and the Truth!

    Will this end up in the National Archives with the Roswell-weather-balloon and the Oswald-Warren-Commission?

    …Much pain but still time… Believe there is good out there…
    -MikeMangoldInvestigation Team

  4. Thank you for a great analysis and for providing the background of the CIA’s role after WWI in keeping the global capitalists in power.

    This bears repeating: “Gladio commando troops acted very precisely and were subordinated to NATO. In the view of the Atlantic strategists, Italy was to remain under America’s control. And the strategy worked: at key moments, particularly harsh attacks were carried out and the blame was [placed] on the Communists. Through the media, the population was driven to vote with the capitalist right, intimidated by the so-called communist threat.” False flag events, censorship and propaganda have nothing to do with democratic rule. Rather, they are dictatorship by a capitalist class, which disguises its control of the state through bribes and blackmail, and controls public discourse and information through privately-owned media. We will soon learn about the “4:00 AM memos” that Obama’s parallel government (on behalf of the global capitalists) has been issuing daily to paid contractors in the mass media.

  5. Im done with the republicans. 4 ever, they have no balls,,,,,,time 4 a new party. 4 the people. an freedom, who care about the constitution..

  6. You just need to look north, to see that starting a new party is a guarantee that the Democrats will be in power for 3 or more election cycles. The solution for the Republicans is to remove the RINOS and not allow any more RINOS to be in the party. Better to remove the few than to move the many to a new party. The other thing that is needed is for all Republicans to recognize the values and influence that Trump and his followers have on the past, current and future. All must agree, that beside the stolen election, the Democrats and CPP have been extremely successful in infiltrating and influencing radical activist movements. Besides the Trump rallies, Republicans look fractured and disorganized. If Republicans continue to only moan in silence and refuse to organize to exercise their rights, the world will continue to negatively reshape America. While the leftists use WOKE power, the rest need to unite to create AWAKE power. Spread the truth. Create new media. Organize small groups. Shuffle your feet, when asked to comply. Don’t turn the other cheek. Power is only checked if you negotiate from a position of strength.

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