Flynn’s acquittal: twists, turns and hopefully indictments

As the investigation into General Flynn seemed dead on arrival, it was Peter Strzok who reinvigorated it in the ongoing Deep State coup attempt on Trump. U.S. Attorney General Barr, not happy with the merits of the FBI’s case, asked the Missouri State AG to take a look. Also coming to the same conclusion as Barr, this ultimately led to charges against Flynn dropped. Will this finally usher in the indictments of those involved in the Brennan/FISA case? And will Flynn ever see his accusers in civil court? Brad Johnson, retired Senior CIA Operative and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, hopes so and takes you down the twisted path of the Flynn case. We hope that these interviews give you deeper insight into the political turn our Intelligence Community has taken only to forget their true purpose – espionage and providing information and facts. Please support us through donations as you can and sharing this information with friends.

Click here for entire transcript

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