Viruses, espionage, money and warfare. A history lesson.

If you believe China’s Wuhan lab was looking for a cure of viruses such as COVID-19, think again. Brad Johnson, retired Senior CIA Operative and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, outlines the history of Chinese infiltration into our research labs and universities with the intent to steal secrets they can use for either monetary or military purposes. From the FBI’s warning to those institutions to Mike Pomeo’s recent speech to governors, the Intelligence Community has been well aware the CCP has been and continues theft of our research and much of it revolves around viral manipulation. Brad cites several indictments issued by 5 Eyes members of citizens and nationals complicit in this duplicity – up to 30-40 cases in the U.S. alone. This is nothing new. See why we have become the proverbial fish in a barrel and the implications today and in the future.

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