Four days before the fall of Afghanistan…

Flights out of Afghanistan resumed. Tens of thousands remain stranded with reports of Taliban outside the airport perimeter are attacking Afghans seeking rescue.

Brad Johnson recorded this video on August 11, 2021. Four days later, the Taliban took hold of the country, leaving tens of thousands Americans and allies stranded. This did not have to happen.

3 thoughts on “Four days before the fall of Afghanistan…

  1. Operation sword flash
    1: carpet bomb all drug fields all over the world
    2: arrest and imprison any politician involved with drugs. ( icc ) court .
    3: seize their money
    4: bull doze the United Nations building throw them out.
    5: shrink state department’s role and size
    6: turn all efforts on complete elimination of drug cartels. Bomb them as enemies of America.
    The groups like the Taliban would not be so tough without 40-1 ratio when they commit their evil and rape women.
    Also as far as I’m concerned if your selling heroine to a American bomb your area to submission tired of the slush fund crap . Get with it all eyes are on everything now you will be rounded up and convicted if your hurting America. That’s for the ones here in America that thinks it’s ok to get involved with this evil .
    Your president ( if I was in office )
    The money we spend on enforcement could Help those that need it .

  2. As a Army Veteran This betrays all of us -period it’s a 100% failure of leadership and lack of empathy, respect , and decency. For any officer or official who was involved you need the ( care speech ) grew up hearing it. That is if you uck something up like this you don’t care. I learned quick growing up in a veteran home to learn how to respect , care , show leadership and empathy . I pray and hope all endangered peoples left behind find it out. The ones that are there that face evil I pray for you . I hurt hurt deeply of the treatment of the young men and women who gave everyone all they had for us. I wish I was in charge I would fire some generals and other officials and send them packing. They dishonored the military and that’s the bottom line.
    Furthermore I would have protected the commander in chief and made sure dishonor didn’t occur.
    God bless America
    Mr. Johnson is correct 100%

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