Will Trudeau extradite Huawei executive to US DOJ or cave?

Canadian Lloyd Schellenberg's 11 year sentence overturned into the death penalty by China. He is the second Canadian held now facing the death penalty.


Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Chinese communications giant Huawei and now under house arrest in Canada. As the daughter of Huawei’s founder, she is very important to the Chinese Communist government.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s friendly relationship with China puts him in a dilemma. Will he extradite Meng Wanzhou to the US to face trial for selling classified info to Iran? Or will he capitulate to China and allow her to return to China? China isn’t playing as now two Canadians have been sentenced to death.


2 thoughts on “Will Trudeau extradite Huawei executive to US DOJ or cave?

  1. Castro’s relative would gladly take the knee for his comrade overlords. He did allow the training of PLA pilots for years afterall.

  2. Canada will do nothing maybe a ban from Canada for a period of time. Similar issues plague Trudeau that plague Biden ( laptop)
    Trudeau is being blackmailed.
    Certain people that have been around him recently had some legal difficulties that the ccp will exploit and if he is involved they will get what they want even if he isn’t they will make it seem so.
    Canada is a captured nation as well

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